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  1. Meal planning
    Money's going to be tight till the end of March but if i can keep the grocery budget down we can get caught up on the one bill we are behind on. I went through and inventoried everything in the freezers and pantry here's what I've got planned for meals so far. I'll keep adding to it as I get the...
  2. Food challenges
    All you Sept. posters, post here. :D I have some serious flour to use up, bread flour for sure. My freezer is average right now.
  3. Food challenges
    I am still working on it so thought I would get us started. Are you trying to make room for the garden goodies???
  4. Food challenges
    Who will keep working on the clearing out this month? Or will you be adding to the stockpile with the goodies from your garden? I made a pretty good dent today......had kitchen duty and cooked up ton's of things. Some went back in freezer and some went in refrig. for eating over the weekend.
  5. Food challenges
    Remember the garden products should be just around the corner. Be sure to make room in the cupboard and freezer!!
  6. Food challenges
    I'm all about the pantry this month. Need to eat through some stock. The kids did make a pretty good dent in the mac and cheese boxes. :) Who else?
  7. Food challenges
    I still have several things that I need to go through and use up. Plenty of canned goods, flour, rice and beans. Plenty of stuff in the freezer. Frozen veggies and chicken for dh. Anyone else?
  8. Food challenges
    Good luck for March everyone. Let's get those freezers cleared out as it won't be too long before the garden 'bounty' will need to go in there. WOOHOO! You 'snow bunnies' hang in there----summer is coming!
  9. Food challenges
    Getting us started for another month of cleaning/using up. Good luck everyone! Remember STALE ain't where it is at!!!
  10. Food challenges
    I didn't do as good as I should've in December even though I used a lot I didn't put as much heart into it. So I'm in for Jan.
  11. Food challenges
    I saw the old thread resurrected and thought we could use a nice fresh thread for December. I'm in for the most part. I may buy a few extras for Christmas Dinner but other than that I'll be using up what I have.
  12. Food challenges
    I know it's a little early but just thought I'd make the thread. I'm in this month since I didn't really do it like I thought I would last month.
  13. Food challenges
    I need to eat from my pantry and freezer as much as possible. Anybody else with me?
1-13 of 13 Results