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  1. Food challenges
    Not quite summer but close enough. Share your goals, challenges.. plans... are you making jams, canning? stocking up or having to use up the old stuff in freezer from last year. Or just the every day challenge of using up stuff !
  2. Food challenges
    okay, i know i havent been here a while.. and i promise you i have oodles of goodies hiding in my pantry that i havent a clue to do so the game is i find something and you tell me what you would do with it? Okay? This time it is olives stuffed with dont ask me...
  3. Meal planning
    If you had one pound of ground beef in the fridge and your regular, pantry staples, what would you make?
  4. Food challenges
    Ok Ladies..I will have $500 to spend from our income tax to stock our pantry and freezer. I will be cooking and baking from scratch mainly if that helps :) So where do I start and what do I stock up on?
  5. Food challenges
    The thread for those of you who want to clean out your pantries in order to save money for other things in your life. :) I know mine will be home renovations. This is a continuation of the "Pantry Inventory and Menu Challenge" thread.
  6. Food challenges
    Okay ladies. Let's dive into our cupboards and freezers and make a list of everything we have. Then plan our next month's menus around those items. That should save us all a little extra in groceries to put towards Christmas! This morning I just did the basement freezer and cold room. I am...
  7. Frugal Living
    My elderly mother was staying with me the other day, and she wanted to help do something. So we emptied the pantry, and reorganized it. It was stuffed, and I just been fitting in can, jars, bottles, bags whereever I thought I could make something fit. We separated everything on the table and...
  8. Meal planning
    When I move I am going to have to buy all new grocerys, even the basics like flour and such. We have food here where we are now, but we are going to eat it all up and not buy any grocerys til we move and start fresh. What are some things I should NOT forget to buy?? I don't want to OVER buy but...
  9. Stockpiling
    well here are some pics of my pantry i remodled the room with more shelves hope you like them -hugs to all fv
  10. Household notebooks and home manuals
    :box: I put if off until the last moment ~ but I did it. I made an inventory of all stockpiled pantry items - as well as HBA & cleaning. the cleaning list is really small & simple. I made the inventory sheet in Publisher, but I can't seem to attach it - it says "invalid file" :sigh...
  11. Food challenges
    OK! Who is ready to start again or anew? Let's use up what we already have in our pantries and freezers before we buy more stuff. This will save us money and space. It will also help make sure our stuff doesn't go bad. No real rules. Do whatever is best for you. Post daily, weekly, or whenever...
  12. Food challenges
    OK people! Who is ready for another month of trying to eat up what we have already bought? December is a great month to clean out those pantries or freezers to prepare for a fresh, clean start to the new year. Think of the money you will save. You can use it to pay for Christmas gifts, pay off...
  13. Food challenges
    Ok folks! Today is November 1st. I am ready with a list of items to use up this month. I've got to make room for all the new Thanksgiving sales!
  14. Food challenges
    I am losing ground fast with my freezer. I am putting more in than I am taking out so I hope others are doing better. Are you still clearing out or adding from the garden/farmer's markets??
  15. Pests
    I have moths in my pantry for some reason. I looked this up on the internet and it said to throw all of the food in there away. I checked the bags and they had small holes in them, some of them even had worms in them. I threw all the food away, rice, noodles, beans, popcorn, etc. Have you...
  16. Food challenges
    I have been acting like I have been eating out of my pantry and freezer for months now. You would think eventually I would make some progress. Well, no because I am addicted to shopping-just grocery store shopping. We have a freezer so full I can barely close it. We had to buy a new shelf for...
  17. Meal planning
    I finally have an area to stock a large pantry. I have been trying to find a basic list of what to store. Ideally, I would like 6 months plus of stuff stored. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
  18. Kitchen Basics
    I started with a can of pintos and one onion. I sauteed the onion and added the pintos (juice and all). Then I thought to myself what could I added to make it better? So I added a can of chicken and a ton of spices. I added some chicken stock (because of all the natural starches in the pinto...
  19. Stockpiling
    If you had to start over on your pantry from the very start and could do it any way you wanted, how would you do it. Location, location, location. Just this summer we moved the pantry out of the laundry room (where the builders placed shelves) and redid the under the stairs coat closet to...
  20. General Chat
    I am looking for a list on stocking the pantry. I know I have seem one on here before but cannot find it now. If anyone has any handy hints n the best way to do this and rotate, please let me know!
1-20 of 137 Results