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  1. Pets
    Just curious about the diversity of pets we all have. Many of you know that I have a LOT of animals; however, many of them I don't consider as pets. Among those I DO count as pets are: Riley (8 yo lab/pit mix) Chewy (8 yo Chow) Crash (4 mth old chocolate lab) Kenya (10 yo African Grey Parrot)...
  2. Freebies
    Customers can visit any Toys”R”Us store – dressed up in their ghoulish garb – on Saturday, October 31 from noon to 3pm to participate in a spooktacularly safe Halloween celebration. Children ages three and up who attend Geoffrey’s Trick “R” Treat Parade will receive a complimentary, reusable...
  3. General Chat
    Normally I think buying costumes for your animals is really over indulgent. So what did I do today. I bought my kitty a witch hat at the thrift store. She is currently sitting on my lap wearing it. If I can get a picture of her and post it I will. Anyway, I thought it would be pretty fun...
  4. Freebies
    Light up the river...Light up the sky Light up the holidays at the 2007 Jacksonville Light Parade Saturday, November 24 Downtown Riverfront 7 p.m. Thanksgiving weekend wouldn't be complete without the Jacksonville Light Parade. Boats of every shape and size are imaginatively adorned with...
  5. Christmas Brrrrrr! They are the first 5 pictures.
  6. Homesteading and gardening
    I've never seen so many different kinds of flocks of birds here at one time before. Today I have titmice, robins, bluejays and flickers. I've never seen more than one flicker at a time so this is a real treat. It's like the bird zoo here, wonder what's up. Many of them stay thru the winter...I...
  7. Easter
    Our church wanted to do something fun for Easter, along with the usual egg hunt and covered dish dinner so they came up with the idea of an Easter Hat Parade and I love it. You can decorate a hat, bonnet, ball cap, or anything you can put on your head. I think this will be so much fun. I'm...
  8. Freebies
    1/30/05 SMARTSOURCE Alka-Seltzer, any except Cold Products .55 (4-30-05) Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, any .40 (3-27-05) Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy or Whipped Frosting, any .40 (3-27-05) Colgate Adult or Kids Manual Toothbrushes, any .75/2 (3-5-05) Colgate Kids Toothpaste, any .50 (3-5-05)...
  9. Christmas
    Do you go to a Christmas Parade? Is it a day time one or a night time one? Is you/your child in it? I always loved the Christmas Parades when I was little so naturally I have a dd who cares nothing for them whatsoever. She has never been to one but has seen them on tv and just didn't get the...
  10. Halloween
    So, I went to J's first Halloween parade today. She was so proud! I was so glad to get to go...someone covered part of my class for me. She JUST fit into last years costume, thank goodness, because she had her heart set on it. Next year, we'll have to compromise!
  11. Freebies Need to register/login and click on Macy's link. Also 20 1st prize winners will receivee $100 Macy's gift card. PRIZES & APPROXIMATE RETAIL VALUES (ARVs): (1) Grand Prize: Trip for two to New York City on November 24 – 26, 2004 to see the 2004 Macy’s...
  12. Thanksgiving
    There was a time I never missed it, but I haven't sat through it in a few years. Maybe this year. I do enjoy catching parts of it. Sara
  13. Hobbies
    A nice craft if you will be attending any 9/11 commemorative parades or gatherings this month.
  14. Frugal Living
    Parade magazine in Austin has Crest Whitestrips 7.00 off .55 off Parkay fun squeezables, and a page that has St Ives and Alberto VO5 coupons
1-15 of 15 Results