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  1. Southwest Pals
    Anyone know A) when Austin City Limits tickets go on sale and B) Where I can get them for cheap after they inevitably sell out right away?
  2. Health and beauty
    Wow I have looked into a ton of support groups and never thought to look here! I have Hashi's like most people do..... I need to be Gluten Free because my body doesn't accept it.... basically it is what is killing my thyroid... BUT being GF and or grain free is VERY EXPENSIVE... I would LOVE to...
  3. Southeast Pals
    Shout Out From... :cowwave: Paulding County, GA :grwave: Now it's your turn...
  4. Frugal Living
    This drives me crazy. I wrote my dad a 125 dollar check over a month ago for a heating/cooling part for our furnice that he picked up, and it took him over a month to cash it. I keep track of it and deduct it, but it bothers me when people take forever to cash a check I wrote. Like anyday now...
  5. Southeast Pals
    Just thought I'd see just how many people we have in Florida. Where are you, and how long have you been there? I'm in Sarasota County and I've been here 10 years.
  6. Southeast Pals
    I saw that a few people were from GA that replied to my introduction post. I'm in Statesboro. :)
  7. Quilting
  8. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals This site is just too cute to surf through. If you're bored the rest of the site is fun to read. **edited to add main page link**
  9. Easter
    and giant bunnies? yummy yummy. LOL I love stale peeps. :D
  10. Easter
    Caution:These recipes involve the use of craft supplies such as glue. Please do not allow any children to consume Marshmallow Peeps that have come in contact with these elements. Marshmallow Peeps Easter "Bonnet" Instructions 10 Packages of assorted colors of Marshmallow Peeps® (A total of...
  11. Easter
    I like peeps. Any color peeps. BUT only stale peeps. Anyone else? I can't eat them fresh. *LOL* Sara
1-11 of 13 Results