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  1. General Chat
    anyone have a child that would love a pen pal....she told me the other night that she would love to have a pen pal....she is 10 years old...if so let me know....I want her to take the time and be able to teach her appropriately how to write a letter....she has already learned this in school but...
  2. Hobbies
    I just discovered my 67 year old father has been working on writing an autobiography of sorts for future generations of our family to enjoy- on his computer. He has decided he wants to hand write it instead and has asked specifically for a quality 'dip' pen, the old fashion kind you dip into...
  3. Freebies
    Sunday January 9, 2011 at 8pm EST for the first 5000 They will post a link on their facebook page Tide | Facebook
  4. Health and beauty
    Had my check up today. Doc wants me to carry and epi pen for allergies. She said she doesn't want me to accidentally get a food I shouldn't and suffocate in front of my children. I'm nervous about having one and nervous about not having one. Also are they expensive? Normally covered by...
  5. General Chat
    shirt pocket....went thru the laundy and....the dryer!!! now the dryer has ink all over inside!!! help! how to remove. did a bit of reading online and it says to use rubbing alcohol then wipe out w/. water, then spray w/ a bleach and water mixture.... any ideas? also taking ideas on how to...
  6. Military Families
    My son has wanted to join the armed forces since he was 4 or 5, has NEVER wavered from the goal, he has been hellbent on joining the Marines these past few years. I am hoping to find a young man or woman who wouldn't mind mailing or emailing him 4 or 5 times a year, just general short chit chat...
  7. Freebies
    Sign up now for the Free Notepad with a Beautiful Pen. Fill out the form below and we'll send you a Free Notepad with a Pen. You will be subscribed to receive updates from AgroFarming. Your e-mail will not be given to a third party and you can choose to unsubscribe easily at any time. Free...
  8. General Chat
    Don't know if this exists here already, but I am interested in finding some folks who want to swap letters. I was raised with the art of writing letters, creating cards, etc. for family overseas, and I think it is a dying art. I would love to have a couple of people to write to who would write...
  9. General Chat
    so for all of you diligently tracking your spending, budgets, etc....what's your method of madness...? are you a big 'computer software' person.... or just give me a pen & some paper and i'll be fine.... i personally prefer to use good old pens & paper...i have a binder i keep it all in and...
  10. Freebies
    Thanks for visiting! The uni Super Ink™ Pen Giveaway opens today at 12:00 PM CDT, and our FREE pens will go fast. Come back at 12:00 PM CDT to get your FREE uni Super Ink™ pen before they're gone!
  11. Freebies
    We are celebrating 5th Anniversary! Anyone who complete the following survey receives a free gift - four color pen.
  12. Freebies
    Get ready for school with the Kids Corner pen and pencil set. Supplies are limited so email us today for your very own Kids Corner pen and pencil. Note: Page is from: Back to God...
  13. Freebies
    Free notepad and a pen from CSO Our offer is for everyone worldwide, who wish to write. We support literacy in the world. We are glad that you wish to get our small gift
  14. Freebies
    Free CSO notepad and a pen to support literacy in the world
  15. Find Your Kith
    Anyone else enjoy nothing else as much as sitting down around a table with 4 or 5 fellow gamers, entering into a different world and slaying a few dragons? (And are any of you in or around Baltimore and looking for a 4E game to join? ;) ) I started playing D&D (BASIC D&D, the precursor to...
  16. Education
    Krissy's post about her son got me thinking. Anyone interesting in setting up pen pals for our kids? We could exchange postcards and letters, and it'd be a great way for our kids to learn about different places. Plus, it would be pretty cheap. Anyone want to? My daughter is 7 and we live in...
  17. DIY
    No kidding! I did it myself! :):hurray: My dogs are mostly in the house but during the night and when we leave, they are outside so I needed a warm/shaded place for them when the weather is bad. Dh cut and framed a doggy door (just a square hole) in the garage wall so the dogs could hang...
  18. Freebies
1-20 of 67 Results