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  1. Home Decorating
    In the coming year, we are planning to redo both of my DDs bedrooms and bathrooms. DD18 wants to decorate her bathroom with penguins. I am wondering what colors to paint the walls. I don't want to use black and white, which would be obvious colors to use. Maybe a touch here and there, but...
  2. Freebies To help you get started we are offering a FREE 14 Day Trial Membership that let's you try before you buy with no risk, no obligation nor any money up front. Come on, you always wanted to try a gym and now you can without risking a single dollar and still get the...
  3. Leisure & Media Arts Penguin swiped from zoo On Saturday, some jerk stole this baby penguin from Amazon World, a zoo on the Isle of Wight in Southern England. The bird, named Toga, is a Jackass Penguin (Spheniscus demersus), but I think the real jackass is the thief. From the Associated...
  4. For Sale or Trade
    Comes with video too. Here is a picture to the same item on Ebay. The one I have does *not* have tags, but it's in excellent condition. Asking $3 plus shipping
  5. Education
  6. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    So cute!
1-6 of 6 Results