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  1. Secondhand Shopping
    The goodwill had perfect timing yet again. Just what we needed when we needed it. :) Longish story but it is good. Last time I did the wash. I was admiring how well Little Miss's second hand flannel pj's had washed and held up. Thought to myself to keep an eye out for that brand in a size...
  2. Secondhand Shopping
    My elderly mom has a friend she spends a lot of time with, and he usually joins us for holidays including Christmas. We like to include him in gift-giving, but he's VERY difficult to buy for. You name something and he will not be interested in it. But he likes to read, and specifically, he...
  3. Christmas
    This year our grandparents and Hubby's parents sent us money instead of presents. ( well his mom sent us some bread and cheese and a Christmas decoration also) It was just perfect we totaled up the presents/checks and Hubby exclaimed "now we can pay for the truck bill" It was almost exactly...
  4. General Chat
    Ok, so they were running some sort of promo on their FaceBook page for Free Cookie Dough Bar coupons. Well, my coupon came in the mail today. So I was curious and went to their website. Here's what they have to say about their newest line. "A Cookie Dough Nutrition Bar? Tasting is...
  5. General Chat
    Greet people with a smile, offer a helping hand or an encouraging word. Be a friend to someone who is friendless. You just may be entertaining an Angel. ♥
  6. Secondhand Shopping
    Little Miss was in need of Dresses and/or skirts as her closet was pretty much outgrown ( and handed down). Very bare in there. We generally have a hard time finding long flowing skirts ( that "twirl") that Little Miss prefers, at least ones that don't cost a bunch. So we had them to the keep...
  7. Freebies
    Hurry! First 500 ELLE Extra :: Perfect 10 Sweepstakes
  8. Lifestyle challenges
    For just 24 hours, let's try to have just one perfect day. One day of eating right, drinking enough water, being responsible with our spending, cleaning up after ourselves, being groomed and organized, doing all those things we tell ourselves each day that we "ought" to do, but that we...
  9. General Chat
    Hi --thats supposed to say BEEF my father in law passed away Friday, the service is Tuesday and after the service i wanted to have a meal for everyone my plan is beef stew, rice, a meat tray that was donated, rolls and peach cobbler my stews are not always excellent and i dont want any...
  10. Needle Arts
    This past summer we went to Watkins Glen, NY for a Hot Wheels event. We go there just about every summer to hike at the gorges. I go along willingly only because there's a real, live yarn store just a couple of blocks from the park :laugh: When we went, I bought the most GORGEOUS lace weight...
  11. General Chat And it is healthy! This has stevia beat! Dh and I are having our mugs of green tea with this in it and Oh My Goodness.......This is SO good!:wave: And for those of you who have a Meijer's by you they are the one's who carry it now.
  12. General Chat
    This commercial is the perfect example of Fatherhood!!!
  13. Soups and stews Recipes
    Perfect Winter Beef Stew Recipe DescriptionIt is the best beef stew I have ever had. It's way better than what my mom and dad used to make, and marinating the meat overnight makes the meat just fall right apart as it gets closer to being done. This dish is perfect with some buttered...
  14. General Chat
    They act as if they never have problems and focus on themselves too much when talking. Those same people seem ignorant to see that people do stuggle daily because of a disability or an illness. I understand some people are "toxic" and I do my best to avoid those type of people but not...
  15. News you can use
    Perfect score: Unrealistic and unnecessary While it's theoretically possible to get a perfect credit score, there's really nothing to be gained by it.
  16. Just Tips
    I know alot of you folks have young kids who only eat a bite or two of their food, but let me share a little trick with you that saved me money, cooking time, and headaches at the dining room table. When my kids were small, I learned that putting large adult sized items in front of them was...
  17. Freebies
  18. News you can use The U.N.'s World Food Program is struggling as costs of food and fuel skyrocket while the numbers of people needing help surge across the globe. Millions are in danger.
  19. Needle Arts
    I'm having surgery next month, so will be off my feet for 2 weeks I am trying to figure out what it is that I need to make. :laughs: something that I don't have to move around for. anyone have some cool patterns these days?
  20. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    It is on sale for $5.99 ENDING TODAY but there is a $2.00 inside the package. I've been getting mine all week for $3.99. They are normally $9.99. Today, though I used my $2.00 coupon along with a $1.50 off your next order that I got yesterday. Got my chicken for $2.49!!!! Hurry, sale ends...
1-20 of 81 Results