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  1. Pets
    I have been watching this pet food recall for over a week but now it is expanding.........they are getting real close to the food I use. DANG!! People are getting the salmonella this time........... I am usually pretty careful about washing my hands......but not the dishes.......and while the...
  2. Pets
    My cat really loves sticks. She has a basket full of different toys to play with. Right now her favorite is a plastic fork. Yup, she will grab it in her mouth and run and drop it. Fun to watch. So what does your pet like to play with.
  3. Pets
    My cat seems to really like the sounds of paper, especially brown paper bags. Doesn't matter how big or small the bag but she likes to sit on it then use her back feet to make noise. Always freaks me out at first since I think she is going to the bathroom but no, she is just moving her back...
  4. Pets
    Well, there are times I like to put a shirt on my cat. Found a nice inexpensive pink rugby shirt. I think she actually likes it. She just went about her day like nothing was wrong. Took it off at night when I could not watch her just in case. Anyone else dress up their pet. Do you think...
  5. Pets
    Well my cat has been more playful lately. Some times I forget to play with her and she seems to need to be played with. She does not initiate play alot. But I can tell when she is excited and happy because she will start to talk alot and answer you when you ask her something. Or she will...
  6. Pets
    ... someone found a happy place! This is my cat Allwyn. He didn't move a bit the entire time I was struggling to get out the camera, put my coat and purse away (just off to the side) or say hi to the dogs.
  7. General Chat
    today at CVS when i scanned my extra care card prior to shopping i got a coupon for a zhu zhu pet for 99c reg they are 9.98 i got a white one with clip on bunny ears so if i dont hear of a need to donate it before this Christmas i can use it to make an easter basket for a child...
  8. Coupons
    Sign up to receive email updates from Halo and they will send you a coupon for 2 FREE cans of Spot’s Stew cat fodd or dog food. This offer is available to the U.S., for a limited time. Natural Pet Care Products from Halo
  9. Coupons
    Great coupon if this is your brand: Pro Plan - Coupon | Facebook
  10. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
    Try Purina Pet Gear Training Pads (20 ct.) FREE when you purchase them from Walmart and submit this Try Me FREE rebate by 10/31/11. Try Me FREE Rebate Program – Purina® Pet Gear PURCHASE: One (1) Purina® Pet Gear Train Pads 20 count carton at any Walmart Store between August 1, 2011 Thru...
  11. General Chat
    I'm sorry to hear you have to lock your tools up, but from what I've been told by a few relatives that work in the car business is that you can't trust anyone with your tools. Have you always had this trouble with "Joe"? or was he just scatterbrained and forgot to return them? Have fun with...
  12. General Chat
    What is your spouses biggest pet peeve about you? Do you have a biggest pet peeve about your spouse?
  13. Pets
    In the past I've had my mom watch the dogs for maybe a couple days if that. I didn't have this many pets at the time and she's not comfortable with the crew. I've landed a lady who's the daughter of a co-worker, she's a vet student, and she's owned all the animals I own. I'M THRILLED! But...
  14. Pets
    My cat is semi-long haired. I have now noticed that she has an evil genius look about her. And this is her normal everyday look. Seriously look at her! lol So what about you. Does your pet remind you of a movie character? Accompanied picture would be great!
  15. Pets
    My vet keeps bringing up pet insurance for my puppy. I'm trying to weigh the pro's and con's. It's only $31 a month and covers $1000 should illness or accident occur. My dog was pretty expensive to buy so part of me wants it but I'm not sure it's worth it. What do you guys think about pet insurance?
  16. Stockpiling
    I've seen people post that they have 6-12 months of pet food stored. How do you store it so it doesn't go bad? Kibble has oils in it so I wouldn't want it to go rancid.
  17. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
    By Nature is offering a mail-in rebate for a FREE bag of natural cat or dog food. There are two simple things you should give your pets: the gift of pure love and the best food for their health. By Nature Pet Foods – Natural and Organic Nutritionally Complete Pet Food
  18. Pets
    I have started to notice that my cat will cry out when she is sleeping. I noticed this a couple of times. The last time she was under the covers and yelled out. I went to find her thinking she was stuck somewhere only to find her sleeping under the covers. So does your pet talk in their sleep?
  19. Pets
    I hate to admit this but I have forgotten to feed kitty before leaving the house in the morning. Just a couple of times. I always feel horrible when it happens. She is very used to feeding times. Well the last evening I came home to be greated with much screaming. Which is usual. Then I was...
1-19 of 241 Results