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  1. New Member Introductions
    How did you hear about Frugal Village? I was searching for articles on Discount Groceries and found the state by state list on this community. What interests you here? I have always been a very frugal person and I like to share my skills with others. Who knows, maybe I'll learn a few things...
  2. Pests
    Have you got a favorite dog breed? Do you have special experience with certain dog breeds? Here's the place to tell your dog breed stories. Share your tale of what it's like to live with a specific breed of dog - or even a mutt. Your story will help prospective owners decide what dog breed is...
  3. Pets
    Just wanted to get this out to pet owners some of them surprised me. Keep your pets safe from natural toxins | Pets - Yahoo! Shine
  4. Pets
    Gave cat her stuffed catnip toy. A small stuffed animal from the dollar tree. Fun to watch her wrestle the large animal. That she enjoyed. Not sure if she enjoyed wearing the snuggie and blue ribbon around her neck. She didn't complain. Took the snuggie off her when she was standing there...
  5. Pets
    I was able to find two small stuffed animals at Dollar Tree. So I decided I would open them up and stuff them with cat nip for the cat this Christmas. Seems to have worked since I put them in a bag in the closet. When ever I open the closet the cat is nosying around the bag. Will be fun to...
  6. Stockpiling
    i was just thinking-- has anyone with pets stockpiled food for them-i have just my 6 cats and already have stocked around 200 lbs. of their favorite dry food in a seal-able 40 gal. barrel i will continue to store more but will seal the next batch in 5 lb. vacuum bags--hugs to all fv
  7. General Chat
    Hi everyone........ On a lighter note, do your pets do things that really "tick" you off? I have 2 cats and 1 dog. My oldest cat Cola (8 years old) loves to collect socks. She drags them around the house, and I can hear her when I am sleeping, because she makes "noises" while she is carrying...
  8. Pets
    Do you believe pets "know" when something is going to happen and try to let you know or is it just coincidence? We are so far away from what has happened but our dog woke us a few times last night frantic, beside himself for no apparent reason and now we all know about these horrible...
  9. General Chat
    so... do you ever lower the volume of music or the tv for your pets sake? or use them to taste test? or what do you dofor your pets?... i do. my little pug is trying to sleep. :mdance:
  10. Christmas
    Ours get a little treat. This year it's rawhides for Riley and a catnip toy I'll make for Daisy. It'll be a small animal shape with a tight little pocket I'll be able to add catnip to easily. Do you make or buy gifts? Care to share? Inexpensive ideas?
  11. Pets
    Right now my cat gets freeze dried salmon. Someone gave me a big tub and I am getting to the end of it. I have given her regular cat treats from the grocery store but think it is better for her with the freeze dried. Sometimes she will eat a tiny piece of cheese, meat, or teaspoon of milk. I...
  12. Pets
    Well, last year I noticed a mother squirrel and her baby on my balcony. The baby squirrel would hop around the balcony and was scarred to climb down. Anyway, I would see this baby squirrel on my balcony giving myself and the cats a fun time watching. Now I think it is full grown...
  13. Pets
    My cat wants to be let in or out " No biggie, you're home, big whoop, give me food, head rub and let me be" Dog is a major fruitcake. We have to shut off the car and quickly get to the door because he's whimpering like mad, getting more & more excited. "OMG they are home! They are home!!!!"...
  14. Pets
    I am wondering if your pets take on pest control for you. Usually my one cat will go after anything that is flying around. Crawling bugs seems to just draw her interest. The other one seems to just want to become friends with any insect. The other evening I was outside and a fly decided to...
  15. Christmas
    Very Cute! Pet ID Tag - Pets -
  16. Pets
    My pets are allowed just about everywhere except for tables and counters. To me areas where food is prepared and eaten is just no place for critters. What are the rules in your house?
  17. Third Agers
    Just curious if anyone else had an urge to get a pet or two or three or..... after their kids left the nest? I'm really struggling, its the weirdest thing. I've always turned to animals for comfort. I found myself in a pattern of getting a new pet when life situations changed. I'm not sure...
  18. Pests
    Thought I'd share them in the event anyone is struggling with fleas this season If the kittens have fleas, then they are in your house. Oil of American Cedar Leaf is what I've used for years with great success. It is a bit costly, and you put 2-3 drops on pieces of brown bag in every corner of...
  19. General Chat
    Kids ‘N’ Pets Contest | Frugal Village Kids ‘N’ Pets is sponsoring 3 products for this contest. --KIDS ‘N’ PETS INSTANT ALL PURPOSE Stain & Odor Remover --KIDS ‘N’ PETS DOG BODY DEODORIZER & DANDER REMOVER --KIDS ‘N’ PETS DEEP CLEAN CARPET CLEANING POWDERS To enter: Kids ‘N’ Pets Contest |...
1-19 of 122 Results