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  1. Education
    I have a daughter that is 5 years old and is in kindergarten. She is also considered a very young kindergartener too. If she was enrolled in school, she would have made the cut off by 20 something days. So, I have been using Modern Curriculum Press Phonics books with her. She breezed through...
  2. Education
    I was inspired by two blogs: And made these for my 8yo. Free. Homemade. And he likes them :)
  3. Education
    Dh found the Hooked On Phonics Master Reader set at Walmart on clearance for $35! On the HOP website the same set is being sold for $200!!!! It's for grades 2-6, includes 4 CD-ROMs and stand up flip books, progress chart, and 4...
  4. Education
    For those with younger kids..... I noticed a Leap Frog DVD set at Sam's today. It has 2 DVD's - Letter Factory and Talking Words Factory - along with a small board book and a small stuffed animal for $15.87.
  5. Education
  6. Education " FREE: Pre-schoolers learn letter - sound relationships playing an educational alphabet game. A pre-reading activity for young children to learn beginning phonics. Free Software!"
1-6 of 6 Results