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  1. Photography
    Hello. I'm an amateur 'photographer' in a sense. I truly just like taking photos to take photos, haha. It's my hobby! :D Curious if anybody had a Flickr account and would like to add me? Thanks!! Feel free to browse if you'd like, too!
  2. Photography
    I'm looking to post some of my work on a website so that I can display some of my portfolio and work on adding to it. I can't really afford to buy a website or template, but I want to be able to add music to it and for it to look semi professional. Not like a cheap myspace slideshow. Does anyone...
  3. Photography
    can you get into photography with just an ordinary digital camera? if so, how would you get started? any tips or pointers?
  4. Freebies,com_facileforms/act,run/ff_name,requestDVDform/Itemid,22/
  5. Photography
    What are most of your photos of? Your family, children, pets, landscapes? I love finding old abdandoned homes and taking photographs of them. I dont know why, but on overcast days, I think about finding houses that are falling apart, and taking photos of them. Of course, the homes I want to...
  6. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Last Spring  while attending a baby shower, a lady shared a beautiful photo album of her daughter.  All the photos looked like they were professionally done.  When I asked who did them, she said her sil had. Apparently, the sil borrowed her daughter for the afternoon and she told her to come...
  7. Computers
  8. Hobbies
    looking for camera recommendations. digital or manual.
1-8 of 9 Results