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    I'm having trouble with the phrase "I/We did not mean to get her/you in trouble" Isn't the only one that could get someone in trouble the one that did the action that caused the trouble not the one that brought it to light? And if you did something wrong should you expect correction? I have...
  2. General Chat
    Not only am I tired of hearing "I want" but also it's sister "I don't want" My mom has been using this a bunch lately. And it is getting on my nerves. She needs two new tires. Goes to wal mart Tells them she only wants the tires nothing extra (since install is free) They say they have to...
  3. General Chat
    "I Love You" to family members "Thank You" from anyone when you do something for them.
  4. Support
    On our drive yesterday I saw a billboard sign for hotdogs. Some of you in Michigan will know what I'm talking about. Anyway, it was this picture of a koegel hotdog (which are curved) and the billboard just said "Serve the Curve". I had myself a good laugh and was still laughing about it...
1-4 of 4 Results