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    The Three Little Pigs
  2. Pets
    when their ears gets scratched. They love this...& they will bury their head & make silly grunting noises that sound like a couple of pigs:) My dogs are
  3. Pets
    Thought maybe someone would have bought some of these for the holidays.........the recall was a few weeks back but...... if you have pigs ears for your dogs you might want to read this.
  4. Pastries
    Mini pigs in a blanket Recipe DescriptionFast and easy after school snack or appetizer. Dip in ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, or sweet and sour. Preparation Steps:Pre-heat oven according to crescent roll instruction. Take out the rolls a few minutes before you use them makes...
  5. General Chat In my opinion, this is so unethical. Good for the one who tipped off PETA!
  6. Kitchen Basics
    does anyone know what i could use to accompany pigs in blankets (saugages wrapped in bacon) all i can think of it potatoes but i need something else. thanks if anyone posts
  7. Leisure & Media Arts :pig:
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  9. Homesteading and gardening
    Holy smoke - we got 2 free pigs. Woo hoo, now I can give some to a couple of friends!!! So instead of a 300 lb. pig, were getting two, 250 lb. pigs!!!!
1-9 of 10 Results