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  1. Frugal Living
    we have digital cable (yes, it's a splurge) but we locked in for an incredible price about a year that time is almost up and we're trying to figure out how to proceed. we're considering subscribing to the Netflix 7.99 thing where you can stream shows onto your TV through the Wii. i...
  2. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Finally!!!!!! :mdance: :cheer4: Hoping that craigslist has everything we'll be looking for & has it locally so we don't have to drive all over. :thumb:
  3. General Chat
    I'm having some interesting things happen with my computer. Trying to figure out if someone else is accessing my information or what. Seems our home network has a mysterious presence of another computer at certain times of day. But it doesn't seem to be consistent from one day to the next...
  4. Freebies
    Postcard Place Cards - Thanksgiving placecards from antique postcards Oh Happy Dance :fdance:
  5. General Chat
    After four years or so of financial hardship I FINALLY see light at the end of the tunnel! Last year we paid off one loan and 2 credit cards. My Blazer has 5 more payments and it's paid off!! Dh is getting some overtime at work which helps a LOT! I can finally breathe again and sleep at...
  6. Financial hardship
    With some information that i just found out over this looks like it is i am wondering how long this will take to go through and how long i have to stay in my home before they say we cannot stay any longer...ugh! Thanks for your help!
  7. Question and Answer
    I'm getting a Wii for dd/my birthday and was wondering where the best place to buy games from was. Were in Canada, also anyone know any games suitable for a 3 year old?
  8. General Chat
    Thanks to everyone that voted for me! I won second place. Hubby and I drove from Houston TX to Carlisle PA and back to claim my prizes. Here is a link with photos and an article. Just scroll down a little. Geico threw in a $200 gas gift card when they found out how far we were driving! We...
  9. Financial hardship
    Hello; I have not been to frugal in the past and things have caught up on me now. Because of this I know I have greatly change my lifestyle and I have been researching ways to do that.. thus I am here on this website. I am currently looking into debt resolution as a way to fix my issues and...
  10. General Chat
    And too expensive? Living in a 90-square-foot apartment: $700/month. [VIDEO]
  11. Home Environment
    what is the quickest and easiest way to downsize what you have I am prboably moving into a smaller place. Ty
  12. Money challenges
    I love my job, but there are a couple of things associated with it that are costing me a fortune! I WILL fight the temptations, and this will be my accountability thread, lol. Parking Fees: If I want to park in the parking lot, it costs me $9 a week. (I work Wed-Sun, and get free parking on...
  13. General Chat
    I'm feeling very odd like I live in a different time or place then others. Grapes in netting not loose. Produce managers not giving or suggesting you taste the grapes. Security guards in stores I'm feeling out of sorts out of place it doesn't compute like I'm in a different world or time. I'm...
  14. Frugal Living
    Just wanted to pop in and say "hi" to everyone! I haven't been visiting or posting here for a while. I just tend to get on and off the frugal way of life and want to stay in denial about our finances sometimes. However, this is keeping us from reaching our life's goals now. Mind you, we...
  15. Computers
    The LCD monitor for my laptop got broken today (thanks to a very unhelpful 2 year old...). Searched for a replacement and the darn things are over $100. Was wondering if any of you knew of a place? Thanks!! Sara (it's a Dell Latitude D505 ~ 15")
  16. Hobbies
    Hey all! I'm going to attempt to make my own prop for my Halloween outfit. I will need the following items: Crystals Hot glue gun Glue sticks A long stick that's fat on one end and skinnier on the other Two clean disposable plastic drinking cups an LED flashlight a paper towel tube I know...
  17. Support
    Hi I feel like I have gone to a place in my myself thats not so great! I have been fighting with anxiety and depression well over 2 years now. I was on Paxil CR for a while but due to my Seizure meds(Lamactil) I had to stop taking them...made the depression worse and my short term...
  18. General Chat
    It really seems like every time I neglect this forum I get way back into debt. This time around is no exception. I've been so busy with writing, keeping up with multiple blogs, running my 4 year old to and from preschool, co-ed softball with my husband, and just general family stuff that I have...
  19. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I have been trying for a long time (few years) to get dh to see that on a budget we will finally be able to pay bills on time and have some in savings. We are going through a really hard financial time right now and dh finally agreed to a budget. We are starting the envelop budget. Even though...
  20. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    DH is looking to possibly transfer to Edmonton, which means we'd all be moving. We have two places we'd love to live in: Sherwood Park (on the east side of Edmonton) and Spruce Grove (the west side of Edmonton). Sherwood Park is considerably more expensive in housing prices. Spruce Grove is...
1-20 of 166 Results