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  1. General Chat
    Ok, there was a blurb of info on the local news last night about BPA in plastics and how harmful it is...from the report I got that BPA is found in common plastic food containers, water storage bottles, aluminum can linings, etc... And that as you re-use the container it breaks down and seeps...
  2. Lifestyle challenges
    Continuing on with the challenge of reducing our plastics and rubbish - looking forward to hearing how everyone does in February!
  3. Home Environment
    Ever wonder what they stand for?
  4. Lifestyle challenges
    Here it is......... a continuation of Rhonda's great thread that was started last year! How is everyone doing this month? I have to admit things are shameful at my house. I'm using disposable diapers (go ahead and pelt me with rocks!). We've had some problems with our softener/chlorinator...
  5. Green Living
    Has anyone reduced their plastic usage in their homes. I have been researching this somewhat. I am debating on getting some pyrex storage containers vs. my rubbermaid ones. I have swapped out all my plastic dishes & cups. I just wondered if anyone else had concerns or had been working at this...
  6. Green Living Our county only accepts #1 and #2 plastics. :( :down:
  7. Green Living
    Now I am not an extremist. I live a natural lifestyle or as natural as I can be, but dont feel I am extreme. I have started to cut out plastics in my home. Ever notice how much you own thats plastic? Im trying to replace my plastics with wood/glass. For childrens toys I see that Target and Big...
1-7 of 7 Results