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  1. Support
    I haven't been around much because of my back. Most of you know that I had back surgery in January and I haven't faired to well since then. I have reinjured my low back and I am still working and in so much pain. I just live on pain medication and it's getting old. My prayer request is that I am...
  2. Kitchen Basics
    I have a whole chicken that's about 5lb. and I just want to bake it. What type of seasoning do I use? What temp in the oven? How long do I bake it? Thanks so much for any ideas!
  3. Family
    for my Mom. She is having her hip replaced tomorrow. (I thought I had posted this in the Veranda, but the post somhow disappeared!) My Dad will be off from work the whole week and my brother and sil live with them, so she will have plenty of help. She doesn't want me to be there because she...
  4. Midwest Pals
    My dd, Molly is eight years old and in third grade. She would like to exchange email and snail mail with another girl, ages 7-9. If anyone is interested, you may pm me. Thanks, Deb
  5. Quilting
    Oh my look at these fat quarter packs. Oh my, oh my!!
  6. Home Environment
    With the kids working I find myself with a lot more black colored clothing to launder. What tips can you give me on keeping them black & not fading? I saw some new product advertised on TV recently for this very thing but didn't pay attention. Any help would be appreciated.:) :smooch:
  7. Frugal Living
    I have very few coupons right now. I need to beef up my notebook. I have no ink so I can't print off coupons online. But I can go to sites (like Start sampling) that will freely mail you coupons. Any ideas of free sites like that , that I can go to that will send me either samples or coupons?
  8. Support
    Okay - most of you know the deal, and for those who don't, well, search the archives, I simply cannot get into it again...... Tomorrow afternoon, one of my babies biological mother is flying into town. She has not visited with this child in well over a year & she's expecting things to be as...
  9. Coupons
    I am looking for winetags good in LA with no other purchase needed, I have pphf or stamps please lmk what you have, how many , and what you are looking for in return in first email to make a quick trade, thanks, Lisa PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY AT : [email protected]:angel2:
  10. Support
    I would appreciate prayers for my dh, Dave. He has been sick since Monday and I've never seen him so sick before and I'm scared for him. He has horrible diarrhea and vomiting and is getting dehydrated and no energy. I took him to the doctor today and he thinks dh may have been infected by...
  11. General Chat
    Lately, I have been putting everything off. I stopped joining in on most of the forum challenges I was once a part of. I keep saying that I will do this or that when dh gets a job. Only thing is, we don't know when this will be, sooo I need that extra push to get me back into some type of...
  12. General Chat
    Here is the question, I am looking to move but i really want to go south, maybe like alabama or georgia, or even louisana. here is my question, i am looking for small towns, college near by, someplace you can raise children. now anyone can answer tell me about towns that you know of, no matter...
  13. Weddings and bridal showers
    Ok..I have shopped my little heart out searching for something appropriate ..and the best I could do was a brown flowery print baby doll type dress that has a lacey bottom hem..well not lacey ruffly :D BUT I don't really have shoes to go with it.. other option is some brown slacks with...
  14. General Chat
    My parents rent from my dh and I. We share a yard. We have all been living here for a year now. Dh and I love it here, and are particular about how our home, and yard is kept up. Our yard is big and gorgeous. My parents have never been the type to want to take care of anything. They have...
1-14 of 16 Results