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  1. Community sites
    Inspirational messages are added weekly. You'll find the weekly Angel Whispers, positive and motivation messages relationships and a touch of spirituality. I hope you enjoy Inspiration Lane.
  2. Christmas
  3. Quilting
  4. Writing Forum
    Okay, well I joined HAIN, Helping Angels In Need. I also volunteered to help out with their quarterly newsletter. I am in charge of the poetry section. I was just wondering if you or someone you know, that could give permission, has written a poem about the death of a child, due to diseases...
  5. Education gotta see the freedom knot. ;)
  6. General Chat
    Grandmother What could be more precious than Grandma's special love? She always seems to know the things That we are fondest of. She's always ready with a smile Or a loving word of praise, Her laughter always brightens up The cloudiest of days... She has an understanding heart that...
  7. Christmas
    ~ My Mother's Apron ~ My mother's old checkered apron was a garment full and wide; It filled its humble mission, and a million more beside. 'Twas made of 6-cent gingham, it was neither fine nor grand, Just a plain and simple pattern, made by a busy hand. It had a little cross-stitch along the...
  8. Quilting
    ~The Heirloom Quilt~ Watch me as I stitch the cloth Each patch a gift I give Cradles you with all the warmth For all the life you live Each thread of life is special The stitches strong will last The love within my heart Will share a sacred past Watch me as I do this So you can learn one day To...
  9. Easter
  10. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    for valentine's Day inspiration
  11. Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts
    Found these poems at Acknowledgement to the poet, Sharnie Riley) It all began with just one stamp Amd just one stamp pad too Of course, things couldn't stay that way And shortly, I had two. This was quickly followed By more stamps (three and...
  12. General Chat
    Ok I am not sure this is the right forum but I know I can always count on the village:) My 8 yr old sons teacher has this thing every Tuesday called "Hug Alots" what it is isthe parent(s) write a lil note,poem,send a bookmark just something to say "hey thanks for being my kid" its a great idea...
  13. Christmas
    For the fun at heart.
  14. Household notebooks and home manuals I wasn't sure where to put this one. Hope it's ok here. :paw:
1-14 of 14 Results