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  1. General Chat
    ask for the front passenger's license in addition to the driver's when making a traffic stop? My 18 y.o. son and I were pulled over because he didn't yield properly when making a right turn. He was in the wrong and I let him know when he was making the turn. The car that should have had the...
  2. General Chat
    DNA samples will determine if Jupiter residents aren't picking up behind their pooches wow - just wow - now while I whole heartedly believe that we should be held accountable for our pets (and their poo) ~ geez, I just couldn't afford this the fee for the initial swab!! I would think this is...
  3. Kitchen Basics
    And I'm not happy about it, but I had to be. Rules to kids.... No more than 3 boxes of cereal a week and no more filling the bowl 2 to 3 times at one sitting. Run out....too bad. Eat oatmeal, toast, or my 19 year old can buy her food if she is not happy. Cheese, it's becoming a delicacy here...
  4. General Chat
    I am not sure where this post should go. My dear hubby made a very big bad mistake that got the cops involved (simple battery)..does anyone know how to get a copy of a poilce report? GA cops are not very helpful or do they listen to the supposed victum
  5. General Chat
    He was killed in a accident last night. He was the type of cop that always had a smile, a wave,a big hello.Very serious when it came to local crime. But down to earth he was 36. We live in a small town so everyone love officer bauer. RIP! Please keep his wife and kids in your thoughts.
  6. Leisure & Media Arts
    I came in the house tonight about 8:30, (pac. time) just in time to hear the 'f' word, with no bleeps, on tv! What?? Is this what we are coming to? Isn't that still 'prime time'? The show was Wipeout, I think it is called, where they have to do these dumb things/rides, to win. The...
  7. Freebies
    Click on the link to listen in on what is going on in your town. Click on link and select your state and county. Your have to then select the DARK part of the state, not available for my town, but I have a regular scanner anyway.
  8. General Chat
    Hi Ya'll! I've been gone a while now, the move from SC back to VA to FIL's house with dh has been pretty smooth. Total change of atmosphere though. And still both of us laid off...but we will be okay, there's enough doom and gloom that I don't need to dwell on it. So, this morning we were...
  9. General Chat
    I wonder how long till this reaches our shores?? :shhh:
  10. General Chat
    We have a scanner we listen to because of hubby's job. It's a higher grade scanner so I can even hear truck to truck, and not just the base's talking. So tonite, we have the scanner on, and hubby comes in this room, just chuckling and asked me if I heard the police call in the village closest...
  11. General Chat
    Well, as some of you may recall, my DH is trying to join the police department here in our city. A little over a month ago, he took the written exam and did well. They called him back to do the physical fitness portion and he's at the police academy today doing just that. He's worked very hard...
  12. News you can use
    File a police report? ID theft victims do try Filing a report can lead to extreme frustration when understaffed and indifferent authorities refuse to do so.
  13. News you can use
    Police look for 2 facing charges in meat recall case Two former slaughterhouse workers were charged Friday with abusing ailing cattle in a case based on undercover video footage ... </img>
  14. General Chat
    My 11 year DS has his best friend over and we're having a "party" to celebrate the new Sponge Bob t.v. movie coming on tonight. We have three kinds of chips, ranch dip, salsa, root beer, cola, hot dogs and two preteen boys waiting in great anticipation for the movie to start. I bet ALL the...
  15. General Chat
    Around 3:30 this morning I heard a noise on the front porch, and when I looked out, saw four guys out there.  I got my husband who confronted them while I called 911.  It turned out to be four high school kids pouring lighter fluid all over our door and welcome mat, and getting ready to light...
  16. Support
    My DH is a police officer in a small town.  Last night two officers in that town were involved in a situation that ended with the officers having to shoot and kill the suspect.  :(    The man had gone after his mother with a butcher knife, and told her if she called 911 either a cop was going to...
  17. General Chat
    I'm all for teaching children good eating habits but this is too much. Have Oscar or Elmo change the way they eat, leave poor Cookie monster alone!  
  18. General Chat
    Ordeal ... Chris was dragged off in tears by authorities By JACQUI THORNTON Health Editor SOBBING 31-stone Chris Leppard was dragged off to a mental hospital against his will by meddling social workers and police. Chris, 23, has been forcibly detained for a month because he cannot stop...
1-18 of 24 Results