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  1. Blog
    I have recently made some changes to how I coupon and redesigning my coupon folder. I still send out to coupons to family and friends, but I don't always cut out very coupon any more. I only send out the expired coupons every three months, instead of once a month. Since the company's have...
  2. Frugal Living Walmart Coupon Policy
  3. Frugal Living
    I had to post this: Walmart Coupon Policy
  4. General Chat
    ...with the new premium on it. It is significantly higher than last year. Now this is a rise in the premium not because of anything we have done (surgeries/meds etc.) but simply the changes/cutbacks that the government has made. (Everyone is in the same boat here.) It will make a difference...
  5. Coupons
    All, Does anyone know what Kmart's coupon policy is? Can you use a manufacturer's coupon with a store coupon? I can't seem to find it online. Thanks in advance!
  6. Coupons This is GREAT!!! I've got mine printed out and in my coupon file already. I almost WANT them to challenge me now!!!!
  7. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    The following is an excerpt from a post on a different forum: While $50,000 in personal liability coverage isn't enough - what I really want to talk about in regards to this tragic abuse of the law is the cost effectiveness of an Umbrella Policy. What is an Umbrella Policy? An Umbrella policy...
  8. Green Living
    Mods, if there is a better place for this, please move... For a long time now, Safeway grocery store has given a .05 credit for each reusable bag you brought with you. So each trip we would save about a quarter by taking our own bags and not using paper or plastic - and at that, bag boy...
  9. Hot deals
    Does anyone know what is Target's price difference policy? A few weeks ago I purchased a stretch slipcover for $79, now it's on sale for $64. I know some stores will give you the difference as a refund. Does anyone know if Target does this or how to go about it? Thanks!
  10. General Chat
    I've lived in Calgary since the end of 2002. While growing up and in every other place I've lived, there has always been a thing about plowing every road in the city. It doesn't matter if it's a main or secondary road... it still gets plowed. The premises behind that was because if there was too...
  11. Question and Answer
    I usually use my coupons at Kroger's, because they double up to 1.00, and 1.00-2.00 coupons are worth 2.00, anything from 2.00 up is for face value. There, or Walgreens when I can sale+coupon shop. I have not yet tried WM for coupons. Do they even take them, and if so, do they double? I...
  12. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I can see the moon from my house, which makes me an astronaut.
  13. News you can use
    Hard work will locate lost insurance policy A little detective work should reveal the whereabouts of a missing insurance policy, says Dr. Don Taylor.
  14. Discount Stores
    I bought pudding (the refrigerated kind) from Aldi a few weeks ago and when I was eating it I thought it tasted a little funny. I looked at the wrapper/top and there was mold on it. Makes me gag just thinking about it.. I checked the date and it was nowhere near the expiration date so there...
  15. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    So, we are doing the TMM and one of the things Dave advises is that cash value life insurance policies are BAD. Well, I have one that my mother purchased for me when she worked for an insurance company many years ago. Dh says that we should cash in that policy and take the $ and throw it at...
  16. Frugal Living If this is true, it's a good tip to know when you are shopping there.
  17. Frugal Living
    I finally heard back from the main office concerning their coupon policy. The manager was right in saying if the coupon exceeds the price it won't double..making the item free...what a bummer lol I guess I should just be happy they double every Saturday. I do end up getting somethings ALMOSt...
  18. Frugal Living
    I stopped shoping at Vons because of their coupon policy change!! MIne will only double 1 coupon per week and they do track you with your Vons club card so they know exactly what you buy each week!!!:mad:
1-18 of 19 Results