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  1. General Chat
    My elderly parents own a farm worth about $600,000. We have urged them to sell it and live in a little comfort in their latter years. They refuse to do so, saying they want us kids to have it as an inheritance. Meanwhile they have money problems as there is very little cash flow. While an...
  2. Health and beauty
    If you had to pick between eating fruits or vegetables for the rest of your life, which one would you choose and why? I would say vegetables. Example, a red pepper packs in more vitamin C than an orange. Plus veggies are more versatile and lower in sugar. And you?
  3. General Chat
    How much does your significant other help with the budget?
  4. General Chat
    What is your least expensive season of the year?? Take into consideration everything if you can. For example: This time of year the gardens should be producing quite a bit, but some of you may be buying school supplies and clothes. Maybe list some things to stockpile now (summer) to make...
  5. General Chat
    The poll of the week is: How much do you spend per person on groceries for the month?
  6. General Chat
    What would you give up first to save money?
  7. General Chat
    I'll be keeping this poll open for a while to give a chance for votes to be counted from people that don't visit daily.
  8. General Chat
    Posting a poll to informally and inaccurately survey how many did vote, did not vote, etc. Only QUALIFIED (old enough and meet the voting eligibility requirements of your state) should vote for either of the "I did/will Vote" or "I did/will not Vote" options, please. :D Would love to get...
  9. General Chat
    For those of you with kids... Another homeschooling mom set this up as part of a lesson on the election. Share it with the kiddos. :)
  10. News you can use
    Poll: Will retirement be relaxing, distressing? Whether you are well-prepared or in denial, see how your retirement hopes and fears compare with those of others.
  11. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    What are the most important things to include in a yard sale ad? When you read an ad in the classifieds, just what line draws you in? Making it a maybe I'll swing by and check this one out ,to a this is a can't miss yard sale?:deal: I'm in charge of writing the ad for our yard sale. It...
  12. Support
    Have you ever cheated or been cheated on in your (current) marriage? I've never used the poll option so I'm trying it out now and will try to make it anonymous. Bare with me if it takes a few tries.
  13. News you can use
    Poll: Majority of people believe recession underway Sixty-one percent of the public believes the economy is now suffering through its first recession since 2001, according to an ... </img>
  14. General Chat
    How do you post a poll? I can't figure it out???
  15. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I may be in the minority, but I would not take SS payments if I was wealthy or well off enough so as not to need them. I am surprised that frugalers are also what I consider selfish when it comes to this subject. I worked with a senator for a year, and he taught me that SS is not a...
  16. General Chat
    do you answer unavailable or annonymous calls? I never do. :lalala:
  17. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    As most of you know, FV has always been primarily women. I wanted input from members on whether you'd like to see more men here or not? I want honest opinions and not "social proof". I understand how sometimes we don't want to cause problems, be called out, or have focus drawn to us for having...
  18. Writing Forum
    Just curious about we all go about this. So, what do you write with?
1-18 of 40 Results