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  1. Homesteading and gardening
    We are new to chickens....but I have wanted some for years now, picked up 5 chicks of various breeds, 4-5 weeks old, at a local chicken swap yesterday. All chicks in all pens looked healthy, active, bright eyes ,no signs of runny stools in their boxes, clean vents on the ones I looked over...
  2. Single Moms
    Hello! I struck a deal with my teen that she would be paid $10 a week to clean up backyard of dog poop. She was thrilled of course for the money at first and now the newness has worn off. She no longer does it on a regular basis causing the backyard to become very, very, nasty. When I...
  3. Home Environment
    I wanted to do bedding today and hang it out. But the last load I brought in (a couple of days ago) had little green worms on it. Yuck. I am calling them inch worms, but they are probably about 3/4 " long. They are actually a little cute when they aren't on your clothes and sheets. But I...
  4. General Chat
    Ok you guys are going to think I am crazy (by the way I describe this) BUT What in the world am I going to do with 2 chicken breasts the size of my foot! Like a size 7 ladies foot! EACH! I am bewildered.
  5. Pets
    Help! My cat of 6 years has suddenly started using a corner of the family room instead of her litter box. She is peeing and pooping there constantly. I ried putting something over it so she couldn't and she simply goes beside the box I put in her way! In 6 years I have never had this issue...
  6. Freebies
  7. General Chat
    to ring in the new year? :D I try really hard every year but fall asleep around ten o'clock.
  8. Family
    Yes, yes...what an alluring title. I'm sure people will just flock to this thread to see the classy discussion I'm about to have! :toothy: Anyway, we started giving Patrick milk after he turned one. He was a breastfed only baby, no formula, but had been eating regular food before that...
  9. Green Living,1282,63182,00.html
  10. General Chat
    I didn't  go to my kids Halloween parties at school - I used to be the class mom for all of them and I am just so burnt out on all of the other mom's and they never like me anyway.... I know I stink, I just don't want to mingle with them anymore... Me=:poop:
  11. Pumpkin
    Fill bag with candy corn or black and orange jelly beans and attach this poem. I started to carve a pumpkin with my carving knife and scoop But the pumpkin got so scared He took a little poop! It looked so cute and funny Just like a candy treat So I''m sharing it with you now Because you are...
  12. Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts
    Okay so this is gross but a lady was interviewed on the radio station today who is into making "poop paper".    When she lived in the artic and was teaching up there, she wanted to teach her kids to make paper, but didn't want to use any of the flowers that grow there in order to save the...
  13. Easter
    Bunny Poop ---------------------- Here is the poem to attach to a baggie full of jelly beans or chocolate covered raisins or fruit loops. The Easter Bunny came last night And left this little scoop. Because you weren't so good this year, You're getting Bunny Poop.
  14. Valentine's day
    Cupid Poop Use small heart candies or red Tic-Tac mints Place the candy in a small plastic bag and attach this poem. Here is something from the Cupids above, who fly along with all the doves. Whose arrows have hit many lonely hearts, they send you a gift for your heart. Your kindness and...
  15. Valentine's day
1-15 of 15 Results