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  1. General Chat
    I've been off line for about a week and a half, completing a move from one state to another and trying to acclimate to the culture! But I'm back on line now, and ready to plunge into FV again. Just sign me, Box Lady (LOL)
  2. General Chat
    Wow what a weekend! I decided to see if I could manage to stay home this weekend and not watch tv, surf the net or just relax. Instead...I decided to purge and rearrange the living room. (For those that know me, this is a never ending challenge) As a result of suceeding - I consider 90% done a...
  3. DIY
    Our hot water heater pooped out yesterday. Wouldn't you know that DH is out on a trip. He gets home late tonight and I guess we'll spend tomorrow at Sears. I called last night and the heater we want is $239.99 - installation/delivery is $279.99 HELLO????!!! That's more than the appliance...
  4. Home Environment
    Okay, where the energy came from, I do not know, but the living room is spring cleaned!!! I moved the furniture around in a new way. I already know that when dh gets home he'll hate it this way :( There are not many ways to rearrange the furniture in my livingroom, so I tried, I like it, but...
1-4 of 4 Results