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    It does not cost you anything
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    First off I talked to my credit card company and they are working with me to get my card paid off so I am ending up with a 6% payoff as opposed to the 23% or whatever crazy thing I was paying before. Also, I have a second job as a nurse. I only work there like once a month. Well they called...
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    A report today on MSNBC, a new study says 97 million Americans are now considered poor that's roughly 33 percent. I believe it's more than that.
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    Our family has been hit horribly by a stomach bug during this past week. The first night ds #2 brought it home...then 2 HAs caught it...then the next night, 4(1 was dh) more caught it...then the next night 3 more caught it....dd #2 said she wasn't going to visit until we all got over it (lol...
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    I am not a "money" kind of person normally. But I am having a hard time right now. I usually am very happy with what I have. and I am but I am so ready to have the $ to finish my Christmas shopping and to have my van and credit card paid off. Sometimes I just feel like I am living from Friday to...
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    Does anyone here ever experience other people or even family members treating you like you are poor because you choose not to spend every dime and penny you have? is it that hard for other people to understand that you don't care how big the Jones' house is, you are content with where you are?
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    He was bitten by a mosquito on the eyelid Saturday night. I gave him Benadryl when I noticed it swelling. Yesterday, it was swollen shut. I took him to Urgent care where they gave him a prescription for antibiotics and told me to keep using Benadryl. Still swollen today. He saw himself in...
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    Modern Poverty Includes A.C. and an Xbox - By Ken McIntyre - The Corner - National Review Online So what do you think? I know part of it is because the poverty level keeps changing. And part of what defines poverty is some sort of metric where they survey American households to see what is...
  9. Question and Answer
    i would love to have a garden but but our land is all clay. i have one spot that drains fairly well but is still all clay but gets plenty of sun. i could use any sugestions on what would grow well if anything.
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    While thinking on socks today and tyring to decide if I made/found a good deal or not, I found this blog article. Are your socks making you poor? Day 3 - Are Your Socks Making You Poor? - More Style Than Cash I thought it was interesting. Makes one look at and think about their socks
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    It happened on Boxing day, she is in the hospital. She is 78 and has already undergone surgery. I have barely slept, I am so worried about her. She has very bad osteoporosis. Please pray that she will heal completely and quickly. And please make sure you get enough calcium.
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    So a while ago, I posted that I had my dream job, and that is still true, but I have gotten myself into a loop of working all the time, and not keeping up with other stuff, like my house, gorceries or my friends, etc. Because of this, I wind up spending money I shouldn't be spending for the...
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    During her vacation, Meagan decided to get the tops of her ears pierced -through the cartilage. Everything went well until 2 days of the piercings had become infected and the top of her ear swelled the point that we thought we would have to go to the ER to have the...
  14. Appliances
    It was one of those portable kind that I had to roll across the floor and hook it up to the kitchen faucets. Never knew these suckers existed until I met dh. The thing was pretty old and doesn't even clean the dishes anymore. I think it done retired on me. :( Even though it was a pain in the...
  15. Green Living
    whom, as most people know, generally get a bunch of snow, mostly during the winter. Well, most of US have to move said snow to enable us to get out of the house, to the garage, to the driveway, to barns, sheds, etc. This involves the use of shovels, snow blowers, truck or tractor mounted plows...
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    I probably should not be venting, but this is one of those things that just plain bugs me, and the hubby. One of our relatives, who also happens to live near us is up there in age ( retired ). They have 3 sons and 1 daughter. The parents are poor. They heat with wood. We help them with a few...
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    Sitting at my kitchen table today writing out my to do list, I got to thinking about how being "poor" isn't such a bad thing! I know what some might be saying but here is my thinking on the situation!!! 1. Not having any extra money has made our family (mostly Dh and I, kids are only 1 and...
  18. Homesteading and gardening
    :( I think something's been stepping in them. There's huge holes inside the planters and it's ruined almost all of my cilantro and a small portion of my chives! :yucky: The basil and parsley are in ok shape but it was my cilantro and chives that they couldn't avoid trampling into. DS5 thinks...
  19. Homesteading and gardening
    The weather has been rather chilly and last night, it snowed. Yeah, snow. It wasn't a lot but it was enough to scare the daylights out of me! I covered the base of the tomato plants with pillowcases, hoping that would help. Was it enough? Well, I went out this morning to get my trash can and...
1-19 of 111 Results