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  1. Homesteading and gardening
    This might be a project people would like. I wanted a simple border fence for my small yard and had some of those landscape timbers just laying around and a customer gave me some more so I made a simple hitching post fence to go in front of the cabin. It is designed for looks but could be...
  2. Preparedness and Survival
    You do not need a Kindle to download the books (can read them on your computer or on your smart phone or other mobile device ~ the apps are free) Anyway, today's free download is a post SHTF novel, looks pretty good:
  3. General Chat
    A piggy-back thread from an earlier post "All I wanted to do is help a family ". I had posted about my BIL & his family being burgarized last weekend & when I tried to see about getting help for them, I was flamed for wanting to on our local CL site. Anyway.....there has been a strange turn...
  4. General Chat
    What a wonderful man.
  5. Home Environment
    This is for the teens of course. (would be nice if I could pull it off with dh? heh) Kitchen: Your mom does work here, but not after dinner hours. So please clean up when you decide to make scrambled eggs, mac and cheese, and whatever you didn't think I would notice. Notice how spotless the...
  6. General Chat
    Little bee hive in house.
  7. General Chat
    I told my youngest son who is 14yrs old to go close the window vent in my greenhouse before the storm hit us 2 days ago ..he said sure so he when he came back in the house I asked him if he had also used the clip that makes sure it's secured he said yes I forward tonight my 2 older...
  8. Site Support
    Im a newbie and I would like to post in a blog. Where can I find the place to start a blog post? Im normally okay with new website features but I will admit Im stumped. lol Thanks in advance.
  9. Frugal Living
    Now this is so exciting for us. Our ds started in an Apprenticeship program last July, after grade 10. Trades are often overlooked as a viable career, but since he was completely undecided about what he wanted to do, there was NO way I wanted him in University trying to find his way, the debt...
  10. General Chat
    I know I have posted more than the 6 times it is showing...does it depends on the kind of post? Does it have to be a thread started by myself to count as one post? Just wondering...thanks! Janine
  11. General Chat
    Now that we are getting ready to move into our awesome new apartment, I've mentioned on Facebook the whole thing: "we're apartment hunting!" "we found an apartment!" "we signed a lease" "we're painting on Monday" etc. So naturally quite a few people have posted "can't wait to see photos!"...
  12. General Chat
    Welcome to Frugal Village! I'm Russ, did you bring cookies? :D Just kidding.. sorta. :laugh: Seriously though... Don't be afraid to post, most of us don't bite. (except Greebo, but he has had his shots) We have a great group here at the village and love to hear your stories and tips so don't...
  13. Home Environment
    I was just reading another thread about what you like to clean and it seems that we have a few organizers here. If you read my comment then you know I am not an organizer of any kind. Take a few pics to give me some ideas of your best organizational skills and hopefully you can motivate me and...
  14. Site Support
    Why are my posts still zero? I'm just wondering?
  15. Site Support
    Just testing something
  16. Military Families
    I was in training on Ft. Jackson when Saddam Hussein was captured. I will never forget the atmosphere on post as the news spread. It was joyful, giddy, and hopeful. I'm curious as to what the atmosphere is like where you are stationed now that Osama has been killed.
  17. Dave Ramsey
    I subscribe to the "Simple Dollar" and was inspired today by a post about living like no one else, so I thought I would share: The Simple Dollar “Live Like No One Else So You Can Live Like No One Else”
  18. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I'm going to be single for the entire month of April, and during these times I like to go broke and pay down a bunch of debt because it's a lot easier to do without the man around. (He's not spendy, but when he's gone he's not using gas or money to buy lunch and I don't have to plan meals with...
  19. Careers
    Let's see your best job hunting tip. 1. Make finding a job your full time job. When my wife was laid off a few 5 years ago, she spent hours and hours looking for jobs on job websites. please add.
  20. General Chat
    Since a lot of us are going to, or are already getting hit, post some photos of the snow. Maybe put a yard stick in the deepest drift or how deep it is compared to a car, a dog or whatever. Got snow already? Post a picture of before the storm and after. Get those camera's out and be creative!!