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  1. Christmas
    Found these blog posts about Christmas today Thought they fit with frugal Christmas and discussions here at FV lately. What if Christmas doesn't come from the store Zero budget Christmas Celebrating a...
  2. General Chat
    I've downloaded my picture but one can only see it if they click on my name. How do I include my picture on my postings?
  3. General Chat
    We're 8 months into the year and the posts in the money challenges forum have been slacking off. If you've been working on building up your emergency fund and/or paying down your debt, please remember to post regular updates in the appropriate threads. We need everyone to participate to hit...
  4. Reported Post/Threads I don't understand this new...
  5. Homesteading and gardening
    I uploaded this about nine minutes ago. youtube video: splitting cedar logs
  6. General Chat
    Don't know why I'm excited about that... LOL:blah:
  7. General Chat I find it interesting that they have posted such a profit. Could that possibly be tied to the fact that they in the past few months "jacked" their cardmember's APRs up the wazzo? I think the surge has more...
  8. General Chat
    I finally made it to 1000 posts - come party with me!:band::fdance:
  9. General Chat
    I posted about gas prices in find you kith instead of the general chat forum. Can someone move it for me please? TIA
  10. Weddings and bridal showers
    I still would like help. My sister got married in August...real quick wedding before BIL left for Iraq. It was in my Moms backyard quite lovely. Well they are gonna have a wedding or just reception after next August when he gets back. Anyways I am going to make her a recipe book with old family...
  11. Homesteading and gardening
    Driving and Removing Support Posts 23 November 2008 Garden Posts Various posts are required in a garden. Some are permanent and other are used for the season. Depicted is a simple straightforward method of driving into the ground and also removing. The...
  12. General Chat
    I been wondering if the counters are working for adding up the number of posts. I see I started with 38 this morning, and this will be post 4 today, and it still was showing 38 for me when I posted number 41. I really think I do have more than the 38, I started with this morning. One has to...
  13. General Chat
    wonder if i said anything important in those posts! :) I want to thank everyone here for their stories/ideas. Even though I do not post alot (compared to some!) I do read alot. :)
  14. General Chat
    Still loving it here after 7 yrs. Thanks Sara & Gabe for providing such a wonderful community :D
  15. General Chat
    Hi there, is there something I'm missing as I can find anywhere to edit my posts on here? Help?
  16. Support
    I posted an article yesterday about food stamps and had some comments about the abuse of these programs. There were several replies to the post. The post is now missing. Was there a reason it was removed? If the post broke the rules in any way please let me know so I can avoid the mistake in the...
  17. Frugal Living
    Just got done reading and adding to the thread"harder to pay bills." I have already been cutting back etc., but now I feel like I need to go back and reread other posts to get better motivated to save a penny here and there. It has been harder lately and I am going to get busy with a grocery...
  18. General Chat
    I went to my user cp and my post count said 75, this one being 76, I know its not a big deal, but I just was wondering why it says 68 on my actual posts..... I know I don't post alot but i would like the ones I do to count, please and thank you !!!!!! Tee Hee !!!!!!:thumb:
  19. General Chat
    Yep, I finally made it!! I didn't realize that I had that much to say!! I love the village!!! :smted: really, I have 1000 posts, it just not "rolling over yet" :dopey:
  20. General Chat
    I had given up looking at my post count as I figured I'd never actually hit the 1000 mark. Seems I'm clicking away over it. :pblow::pblow::pblow::pblow::pblow: Now how do I get that cute little keyboard added near my avatar?