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    So, I received some nice messages when I posted the Q&A. I would love to respond to them, however my post count still said 0 and I need 10 posts to reply. I had also replied to another post after that. I then replied to another post today, which put my count to 1. Why didn't my original post...
  2. Christmas
    Found these blog posts about Christmas today Thought they fit with frugal Christmas and discussions here at FV lately. What if Christmas doesn't come from the store Zero budget Christmas Celebrating a...
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    We try to make Frugal Village, LLC advertising as relevant and least intrusive as possible. The support of our advertisers makes it possible for us to defray costs and to continue to offer free content daily. Sponsored posts give information that is provided by the advertiser, and approved by...
  4. General Chat
    I've downloaded my picture but one can only see it if they click on my name. How do I include my picture on my postings?
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  6. General Chat
    We're 8 months into the year and the posts in the money challenges forum have been slacking off. If you've been working on building up your emergency fund and/or paying down your debt, please remember to post regular updates in the appropriate threads. We need everyone to participate to hit...
  7. Site Support
    When I hit new posts, something about search.php pops up. The pop up is a message about Windows not being able to open the file. All other webpages are working fine for me. I just cleared my cookies. I am using Chrome. If you need any other info, let me know. thanks!
  8. Homesteading and gardening
    I uploaded this about nine minutes ago. youtube video: splitting cedar logs
  9. Site Support
    My # of posts has been stuck at 177 for a while. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Are they reviewed? Posted immediately?
  11. Site Support
    this is just a post test. disregard or post to test.
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    I generally read the forums using View-New Posts. So far today I've run into four or five threads that are very old, yet showing up as new. For example in Question and Answer, thread 'What do you cook for snacks' the last post was made on 04-05-2008 by shortstack but in View-New posts it...
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    If I wanted to quote multiple posts in one post by me, how would I do that? Anyone help me on this? thanks in advance.........
  14. General Chat
    Don't know why I'm excited about that... LOL:blah:
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    I know it was there once-I have been thanked-but I no longer see it. All I have at the bottom are the buttons for people to quote me. How can I fix this? Thanks, Marasue
  16. General Chat I find it interesting that they have posted such a profit. Could that possibly be tied to the fact that they in the past few months "jacked" their cardmember's APRs up the wazzo? I think the surge has more...
  17. General Chat
    I finally made it to 1000 posts - come party with me!:band::fdance:
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    I've noticed recently that when I start a topic, that it no longer shows up or is listed under new posts. I do get a few replies, so somebody must be able to see it. Just wondered why I can't see my own posts anymore. Also when I reply to other posts, it usually never registers on the new...
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    Wondering why my number of posts only shows one when I have replied to quite a few threads. Is this only the number of new threads I started? Just wondering....
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    Since it seems like Frugal village is growing by leaps and bounds can we have a longer time set to read all the posts? It is terribly frustrating to be on page 5 of seven, click on six and be bounced back. (I think it says try new search terms or such)