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  1. Freebies
  2. Freebies
    To get your free Pyrex potholder (while supplies last) please complete the information below and then click submit. Pyrex - Cooking Solved Thank you for choosing Pryex ProductsYour order has been successfully submitted. Please allow 6-8 weeks (from the time your order is verified) for...
  3. Freebies
    The first 120,000 people to sign up will receive a FREE I Heart Pyrex Potholder. This offer is available to the U.S. only. Pyrex - Cooking Solved
  4. Needle Arts
    Kitschy Teacup Pot Holders: {Free Crochet Pattern} :
  5. Needle Arts
    this is so cute!!
  6. Needle Arts
  7. Sewing
  8. Sewing You need one pot holder and one hand towel. Both can be purchased at various dollar stores. Find the center of the pot holder and the center of the towel. Pin together. You will need to gather the towel in to fit the potholder. Stitch securely...
  9. Sewing
  10. Quilting
    I love potholders and I'm going to make a few of these for gifts and craft sales.
  11. Needle Arts
1-12 of 12 Results