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  1. Kitchen Clones
    Anyone have a copycat Bisquick Shake and Pour? DD#1 loves to make this on saturday mornings.
  2. Calculations and Alternatives
    I'm going to experiment with the Bisquick Shake 'n Pour Pancake Mix bottle. After I use up the mix that came in the bottle, I'm going to see if I can substitute generic pancake mix & re-use the bottle. I don't make pancakes everyday, but for the days I do, it would be so convenient to have the...
  3. Soapmaking
    If anyone is interested in making all natural melt & pour soaps the following is a site I have that tells what's great about making your own soaps, how to do it, links to resources & photos.
  4. Green Living
    from Vinegar, Duct Tape, Milk Jugs & More - by Earl Proulx This is the coolest book ~ - some of the best sources of nutrients for your plants, both indoor & out, are the leftovers from your own meals. From breakfast through dinner, here are just a few of the possibilities. 1. The leaves...
  5. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    I am working on a small table right now and about to put the polyurethane on it the top (about 10 coats of it to make it waterproof) and was looking for some at our local hardware store. I saw some of that pour on resin that I saw Debbie Travis use once on a project and thought whoa, cool! I'm...
  6. Soapmaking
  7. Soapmaking
    The Joy of Melt & Pour Soap Making By Lisa Maliga You’re about to find out how simple it is to make soap in your own kitchen. Supervised children can make it and certainly anyone can and will use it. Soap Making is an inexpensive hobby. It also allows you to make the scents and or colors of...
  8. Family
    My mother had a stroke in 1995 and since has never been the same. She talks rude to me,cusses me out,and then expects me to drop everything and be at her becking call. She lives over an hour from me and doesn't really have anyone to help her out because she run everyone off. She started with my...
  9. General Chat
    Well, it all hit me on Saturday while we were sanding the kitchen cupboards. Carl told me that we didn't have the money to spend on the paint! I had no idea we had gotten to that point. He told me he sent in a check for nearly 500$ for his tooth, 200$ for a ticket, plus the other things he's...
1-9 of 9 Results