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  1. General Chat
    Lexi. She has been in the hospital since Friday. They are expecting the worse. Her O2 drops down to 77 and at times her heart rate has gone up to 180 She's not keeping anything down and she has has some seziures. Her mom told me it doesn't look good. Please pray for her. Fern
  2. Support
    My sister Linda needs alot of prays. She only has 5% of her heart. Its been like that since my son died. Well she is sounding really bad. It sounds like she is drowning She is also really short of breath. She is only 57. Thank You Fern
  3. General Chat
    I need lots of prays and good throughts for my neice. I raised her from the time she was 3. She is 26yo. Expecting her 3rd child. Its a surprise baby. She just called me. She had to be taken into Er to night because of cramping. She worked all day and did all her running around thinking it would...
  4. General Chat
    I just got off the phone with my oldest sister and they think her husband has a stroke about 1am today, This is the stupid part. They are waiting for Monday to go to the Dr. Because the can't afford ER. His speach is slurred and the left side of his face droops and he is having a hard time...
  5. Support
    Can't go into details .... lets just says its tearing me apart. and I don't know what to do........... I have to put on a happy face and pretend everything is ok so my grandson doen't get upset........... he has downs...... Fern
  6. Support
    I just got of the phone with Paula and she let me know Lexi under went emergency surgery last night. She stated acting funny and having seizures. Her shunt had malfuntioned. So now she is in critical condition. They have also determined that she is legally blind. Little girl has gone thru so...
  7. General Chat
    Lexi was taken to Childrens Hospital this afternoon after being taking to another hospital yesterday. She has been running a 103 fever, The first hospital sent her home. She couldn't keep anything down so she is dehydrated. Childrens Hospital admitted her. It has something to do with her...
  8. General Chat
    My sister just called me to let me know our brother is in critical condition and in a coma. He was driving with his friends and started to complain about being dizzy and blurred vision so he pulls off. Then hes gone nonresponsive. One of the people he was with called 911. He's only 44 . They...
  9. General Chat
    Please pray for the young man family that past away Nov 24th . His name was Ben Carr and he was 20 years old. He was my sons friend. They went to Barain together Fern
  10. General Chat
    Well I just talked to Paula. They will be taking Lexi in for surgery to put a shunt in. They also found out that Lexi is blind. Paula is having problem already. They put her in the hospital on Thanksgiving. She has a blood clot in the palcenta, so nowshe in on blood thinners (shots she has to...
  11. General Chat
    I talked to Paula yesterday she went to the Dr on Friday. The Dr told her she may have to abort the baby...... she's 31/2 months along. The Dr is afraid that she may have another seizure. They ran a bunch of tests and have to go back Friday. They did put her on a no sodium diet, and high blood...
  12. Support
    My grandaughter's mother Paula had to have an emergency C-section today..... She was not due till May 28th... Its a little girl. 1lb...... Paula had a seizure this morning we don't know why yet. baby will be taken to childrens hospital today in Fresno please pray for both of them....... My...
  13. General Chat
    I use to have some neighbors on my driveway side who had 4 boys. The boys use to climb out their window and come to my house to eat. Mom was to busy frying her brain and dad was gone all the time doing the same thing. There was a point in the kids lives where mom disapeared and dad had the boys...
1-13 of 13 Results