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  1. Pregnancy
    Last night my dad step mom and I found out I'm pregnant. I'm just in complete shock. I tried to have a child since I was 18 with my husband and couldn't. They said I cant have kids. And here I am (roughly 3 months) pregnant. I'm scared as can be right now though. I'm terrified to miscarry. I'm...
  2. Pregnancy
    So I've been absent from Frugal Village for a little while now... I'm not even sure anyone will remember me, I wasn't the most active member. I fell off the frugal wagon for a little while, but I'm back with a really good reason to save my money. My boyfriend and I are expecting our first child...
  3. Family
    I lost my job of 9 years in January and found out i was pregnant shortly after. I will run out of my unemplyment in2 1/2 weeks and Because of the political crap I am not getting a extension. Not only is it hard to find a job now but try doing it pregnant NO one wants you. And as soon as you show...
  4. Pets
    and we didn't know!! She started having pups this afternoon. I think shes done so I want to change her bedding but not sure. Shes caring for them but I am afraid they are too cold. Any suggestions or help is appreciated!
  5. Pregnancy
    *pulls out soapbox and stamps up on it* I am so SICK of people telling me to "come over so you can show off your belly"! It's not the Mona Lisa, here, folks! It's a baby. In my uterus. It's a big bump. You don't tell obese people, "Oh look at the little belly!" *rolls eyes* I am so tired...
  6. Pregnancy
    It always come's in 3's...Can't wait to see who's next??:baby::baby:
  7. General Chat
    Hi all... well, life changes on us sometimes, doesn't it? Just when you think you've become accustomed to life as it is, and that you're juggling everything fairly successfully and keeping all the balls up in the air, someone throws you something else to juggle...and it turns out to be a...
  8. General Chat
    My mother called me Saturday to tell me my sister is expecting her second child in April. Her second. DH and I have been trying to have a baby, really since before our marriage in 2007. My sisters first pregnancy in 2008 was an accident, followed 11 months later by this second pregnancy. I've...
  9. General Chat
    I'm nervous that I might be pregnant again. I miscarried at 9w6days on 10/11/08. We haven't been actively trying but we haven't been "blocking" either. Right now, I am scared that I am pregnant again. I'm not sure why cause I do want another child. I have 3 but only the oldest lives with...
  10. General Chat
    YAY! Pregnant with Baby #4!!!! We are due September 22nd 2009! So excited! Maby this time we will get a girl!!!!! Boys are nice too of course! Just excited to share the news!
  11. Pregnancy
    Hello Ladies, What are you eating? Or what did you eat when you were pregnant? I feel like I'm not eating near enough but nothing sound good to me. The first trimester I lived off baked potatoes. That is still my standby food. I can't stand reheated meat, and I'm a meat eater from wayback...
  12. Pregnancy
    Did anyone else have major headaches while pregnant? I have a major headache almost every day. Sometimes I think it is because I'm not eating enough but other days I have to take tylenol to get rid of it. What helped you?
  13. Kitchen Basics
    Hi I'm looking for high fiber foods that taste GOOD! I've searched websites that list tons of foods that do not sound appealing at all. Since I became pregnant I need more fiber. Any ideas and recipes?
  14. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions Turns out Bristol is pregnant....but based on timing, don't think Trig could be her son...
  15. Pregnancy
    Greetings friends, We are finally pregnant. We've been trying for a year. I'm about 6 weeks into it. I'm already feeling pretty sick too. My husband has 3 kids from his first marriage but this will be our first together. I'm so excited.
  16. Health and beauty
    I was diagnosed with PCOS in December and was put on 1500 mg of Metformin a day. 6 months later and I'm still not pregnant!!!:pdoff: Has anyone in here had any success with it? How long did it take for you to concieve on it?
  17. Stepmoms and Second Wives
    My stepdaughter that is :( She's 3 months along and due in October. This was no accident, even though she swears it was. DH and I know for a fact that she has never once used any kind of birth control. How do we know? She and her boyfriend told us. Anyway....she just turned 18 last week...
  18. Pets
    A little background- My male husky came down w/red mange about 6 wks ago- something that is inherited. So, I decided to have him fixed b/c I didn't want any chances of him passing it to any offspring. The appointment is set for Feb 13. I also decided to have my female fixed at the same time -...
  19. Pregnancy
    We just found out that we're pregnant a few days ago. We're very excited about it. We always wanted a third baby, but we kept talking ourselves out of it. We decided to try at the spur of a romantic moment one night and Ta-Da! My DH considers himself a stud now. :D The next day after we...
  20. Pregnancy
    Wow! Finally it has all worked (well at least so far). Did a pregnancy test yeasterday while DBF was homje and it was positive! We have been trying since June last year. I had a miscarriage in January (it was very early I didn't even know I was pregnant yet). I am only just pregnant and I know...
1-20 of 56 Results