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  1. Education
    I understand that the preschool years are all about learning through play & experience, etc....and that's what I was prepared for with my 4 y.o. I do not want to start any structured curriculum with him, and I usually put a puzzle or other small quiet activity in his workboxes that he works on...
  2. Education
    My son (4 y.o. in April)has a speech delay. He has been receiving speech therapy since he was two. He now goes to a special needs preschool (he's also hearing impaired) and his teachers have told me that they would like to see him in summer school. This breaks my heart and I'm considering...
  3. Home and family challenges I just did a long blog entry about my DD and how she's in a growth spurt and constantly saying "I'm hungry". (The link to my cooking blog is below in my siggy.) I don't want to repeat all of that here, but I...
  4. Family
    other than just "mommy" and daddy"? OK really weird question I know. But today, DS teacher mentioned in the daily note she sends home (to let you know how their day went and what they did) she mentioned that we should "work with him on learning family member's names" I guess they asked him what...
  5. Christmas
    I'm curious what other preschoolers are getting for Christmas. We're getting Zachary some walkie talkies as one of his gifts. He keeps picking up the baby monitor to talk. LOL Sara
1-5 of 5 Results