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  1. Vacations and Travel
    I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas/info on any homeschool preschool resources/info for preschoolers? Our family is going to be hiking the Appalachian Trail next month and my daughter is interested in learning the history, etc. But I'm wanting info that will be on her level that she can...
  2. Just Tips
    My dd just turned 5 and I haven't been successful with nighttime potty training. She wears the Goodnights pull-ups. I saw on another thread that you could use maxi-pads for girls? Has anyone done this? Does it work? Do you use a maxi-pad (which brand?) with underwear? Are there significant...
  3. Leisure Articles
    It is inevitable. You spend a small fortune kitting your child out with the very best toys and all he or she wants to play with is the pots and pans, sticky tape, an old crushed cardboard box and some string. So what are you going to do? Well, firstly, stop spending a fortune on toys! You and...
  4. Education scroll down The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers (Little Blessings Line) (9780842389402): Crystal Bowman, Elena Kucharik: Books
  5. Family
    My dd is afraid of the vacuum. If she sees me going to the closet that the vacuum is in she will run upstairs. Today I got the vacuum out and she ran upstairs and took a nap. :eek: Does anyone elses preschooler fear anything?
1-5 of 5 Results