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  1. General Chat
    Is there a natural way to prevent Bed Bugs, fleas, ants etc from coming into your apartment? Or City has been pretty lucky so far but living in an apartment building I know if one person gets them it effects the whole building. I remeber being a kid living with my mom and sister in a basement...
  2. Question and Answer
    Hi everyone. We got flooded out last week in the RI floods and while we have now finally gotten all the water out, we are looking for ways to prevent mold. We have Chemically sensitive children, so looking for a more natural way than using bleach to prevent mold. Any ideas?
  3. News you can use
    Preventing 401(k) mistakes It's been a rough ride for investors this year. You may be thinking about putting the brakes on your 401(k) contributions. But there are better ways to protect your retirement.
  4. Health and beauty
    Hello everyone. It is my opinion that there is lots of things we can all do to prevent colds and flu from spreading, such as washing our hands after visiting the toilet. Covering our mouths, when sneezing, and keeping kitchen work places clean. Dont get me wrong, i am to blame as much as anyone...
  5. Computers
    Post why you have not or are not planning on installing Linux.
  6. Pests
    What is the best way to prevent fleas? Growing up we had indoor cats and just used flea collars--never had a problem. Now I'm "adopting" an indoor/outdoor cat who doesn't like to wear a flea collar. I don't want fleas! :laugh: Recommendations?
  7. Home Environment
    Preventing Mold Growth Molds are multicelled organisms that live on decaying organic matter or in humid hotspots. Most molds are usually not a major health threat; however, some can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and, in some cases, severe poisoning. While mold growth is...
  8. Simple Living
    I think mine (although I have worked very hard in this area) is still wanting things. An example for wanting a new bedroom set. I don't "need" one, but I really want one. Another would be a newer car. I think another barrier for me is the cost-benefit to some things. Time being the big...
1-8 of 8 Results