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    Free sample Prilosec OTC - Wmart
  2. Freebies
    (Still not enough posts to put in the URL but . . . . ) "prilosecotc" with the usual in front and in back.
  3. Coupons
    I have three $1 off coupons that I won't use. It sounds like a few of you might like them. I think all three are due to expire 1/31/07. PM me if you'd like them. Tiffanie
  4. Coupons
    I received 11 Prilosec OTC Coupons in the mail and have no use for them. 10 are for $1.00 off any size, and 1 is for $3.00 off any size. They all expire 2/28/07. PM me if you are interested and I will send them to you.
  5. Coupons
    Phew, that stuff is expensive. :yikes: My dr. recommended that I take it though, so I need to buy more and am hoping to get it a little bit cheaper :) Get free samples or coupons for Prilosec
  6. Coupons
    If anyone has any Prilosec coupons they don't need, I would love to have them. It controls my GERD  better than any of the perscription stuff but it gets expensive buying otc.   PM or Email me at [email protected]
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  8. Coupons
    My insurance company sent me this coupon as a way to encourage us to try the over the counter remedies instead of expensive prescriptions.  ;)  This particular one doesn't work well for either Dh or I, though. It's a single coupon, $10 on any purchase of Prilosec.  No names or other limitations...
  9. Freebies
1-9 of 9 Results