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  1. General Chat
    Has anyone ever entered a contest and won a prize for a recipe? There is a dessert contest this weekend that a friend said I should enter, but I'm sure that none of my desserts are fancy enough. I usually make the down-home type like crumbles, crunches and such. I don't worry a lot about...
  2. General Chat
    What a pleasant surprise to find that I won the drawing that Sara Noel posted: the food saver system. I was shocked and exuberant all at the same time. Thanks so much , Sara, for making this available!! Now, have any of you ever won something? Was it a random drawing or did you have to do...
  3. Green Living
    Hello, I'm writing this because I've been a member of a green themed social network called "Greenwala" for almost a year now and they are running quite a lot of great eco-themed contests. The reason I'm mentioning them to everyone here is that they are so easy to enter (all of them require...
  4. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    For the last couple of years dh and I have been doing our finances/budget together. Before then one of us did them and played the 'boo-man' by saying what could and couldn't be bought/done. This wasn't working (lots of stress) so we pulled together and dh made a budget and we have been...
  5. General Chat
    At my daughter's school they have good behavior tickets (earned for doing kind and good/positive things without being asked, one kid a each class earns one per week) They have small drawings all year. During the year she won a trail size Bath and Body Works lotion At the end of the year they...
  6. General Chat
    I am a very proud momma:) Little background- my kids are into the yearly Anime convention that is held here - RealmsCon. All this year, my oldest 3 dds decided to make their own costumes for this year's convention. They bought a few articles of clothing at the thrift stores & modified them &...
  7. General Chat
    One last spot open (I'm playing but I'm not good at yahtzee!) Entrance fee is free!:cheergrl::vibes:
  8. Freebies
    Hi, Kids! Let us know one of your favorite things to do at the beach. If your idea makes our top ten list, we'll send you a cool free prize. Sorry, we can't accept any admissions without an e-mail address and a snail mail address. Thanks!
  9. Freebies your prize pack includes: One OFF! Deep Woods™ Insect Repellant Towelette One Windex® Dry Microfiber Cloth One Ziploc® Bags Quart Storage Bags plus coupons worth $2.75 Simply complete this form by July 14, 2006, 11:59:59 p.m...
  10. Secondhand Shopping
    At our Choirs Christmas party I won a door prize! It was a large Christmas gift bag full of Christmas wrapping needs! Including 20 gift bags of different sizes, jumbo rolls of wrap, tissue paper, bows, gift tags, Christmas cards, gift boxes!!!! I had just been eyeing my well worn collection...
  11. Education
  12. General Chat
    This is a local girl.    
  13. General Chat
    I posted two pictures in my gallery of the wonderful things that Debbie included in my basket that she sent to me as my prize for the 4th of July contest.  She truely is a wonderful person for doing this.  Thanks again Debbie for those wonderful items.  I can't wait to put pictures in that photo...
  14. Family
    Well, that is it. Found out my fiance was cheating on me, online with all sorts of girls and the old cliche "working late". I kicked him out Thursday night and have had the most horrible week in a long, long time. I can't sleep, I am so angry and hurt and bitter. I can't understand why he...
  15. Leisure & Media Arts
    I was thrilled to see it go to Rupert. I really think he was most deserving of everyone up there. I think Rob played an awesome game this game too, but he already placed 2nd and won $100K, AND he's marrying the million dollar winner. Very happy with the outcome :yippee:
  16. Quilting
    Scroll to the bottom to see what won best of show. That quilter won $10,000--the quilt looks more like a postcard.
  17. General Chat
    A few weeks ago I got a email saying I won a prize from a contest I entered out of the Nov issue of Cosmogirl magazine(Got a free subscription off the net last year). It didn't tell me what I won,only that they would email again once the prize shipped. Lastnight I got the email saying my...
  18. General Chat
    Okay ladies, time to test your logical reasoning ability. Remember the research paper I was working all day on? Well, it's finished and so is my own rendition of a logic problem. Be the first to figure it out and win a great prize. I am so excited about putting this on here that I haven't...
1-18 of 21 Results