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  1. Freebies
    Pet Supplies - Pet Products - Pet Food |
  2. Coupons
    Great coupon if this is your brand: Pro Plan - Coupon | Facebook
  3. Freebies
    Take your kids to Santa’s Wonderland at Bass Pro Shops, November 6th through December 24th. The event will include FREE crafts, games and more. Kids can get a FREE 4×6 studio quality photo with Santa. Also, the first 150 kids to come on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays starting at 5 PM (3 PM...
  4. General Chat
    Cleaning for a Reason If you know any woman currently undergoing Chemo, for any kind of cancer, please pass the word to her that there is a cleaning service that provides FREE housecleaning - 1 time per month for 4 months while she is in treatment. All she has to do is sign up and have...
  5. Financial hardship
    Ok, I got DR read and tried filling out the pro rata. Closed our cking acct because fingers were in it. I'd give them permission to take out 52 they'd go 56, take out 112 they'd go 125. Sending payments in mail order now. No cking acct. Hubby is getting crazy with all the phone calls. Now...
  6. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    :vamp:Ok, we have big debt here. About 66K in CC. The creditors call and call and the one thing they all say is "we have your account information we'll just set up auto pymts" and then if I want to mail them a check or mo they say "NO" it has to be debited. I have sat down and figured out the...
  7. Freebies
    Bass Pro Shops is really good about holding free events for your family! They have some fun stuff lined up for Halloween, you can check the dates and times listed. Call your local store October 24th & 25th, 12-4 PM: Kids paint and decorate a craft pumpkin Marshmallow Roasting Sample Dutch Oven...
  8. Coupons It prints a coupon for you. Or it will if your printer is on, and mine was not, so I'm about to email them....
  9. General Chat
    Well as promised here is the link to the pics of my girls for all their village aunties and uncles. I don't know what happened between Paige's 3 & 4 year photos but I don't think I have a baby anymore....and Kayla went from little skinny to little chubby baby pratically You...
  10. Writing Forum
    I was just wondering if any of you use something like QuickPad Pro or AlphaSmart to do your writing on? If you're not sure what I'm talking about, here's a link about them... I'd love to have the QuickPad Pro I think ... for one thing, when I'm on my computer, I'm online and busy [like being...
  11. Laundry
    I use to work for a professional dry cleaners company. I go this recipe from them. It's for regular washing maching cleaning...... NOT FOR DRY CLEAN ITEMS !!!!! Laundry Pre-Treater If nothing else, you can wash out and re-use on old windex bottle or just get one of those mayo or mustard squeeze...
  12. Freebies The Bass ProShops Father's Day Olympics Date: 6/15/08 11 am-4pm Prizes and fun for the whole family: bull's-eye casting competition tent set-up competition know tying...
  13. Freebies
  14. News you can use
    10 things your tax pro won't tell you Unless you have a complicated return or a one-time big financial event, you won't necessarily get what you pay for and even may be better off on your own.
  15. Freebies
    Free Sample of Vive Pro Nutri Gloss :queen2:
  16. Freebies
    Sample of shampoo, conditioner and treatment.
  17. Freebies
    End of Summer Blast, Bass Pro Shops, Sept. 1-3, 2007 Free giveaways Free popcorn free ****** (to first 100 customers sept 1) free water bottle (to first 100 customers sept 2) free gun lock (to first 100 customers sept 3) Fun events and other family activities And, enter for a chance to win...
  18. Freebies
  19. Freebies
    Simply fill out the form below and we'll send you a Pro Show Promotions sticker for joining. Get in on the ground floor…help us spread the good word about Pro Show Promotions.
  20. Freebies
1-20 of 31 Results