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  1. Green Living
    We tore down a shed a bit ago,and I've also been saving various scrap metal for awhile. For example: there was 1 small steel shed, 1 broken car jack, 1 old pipe from the chimney, 2 broken metal sprinklers, 1 broken tail gate from an old truck and 1 broken microwave. We also saved aluminum cans...
  2. Freebies
    Ok, so Sunday morning, while :smooch: was asleep, I went out and did some yard saling. I had prepared quite well -- I had some cash, a comfortable outfit on, my sunglasses, and my map of the city. I started driving around my suburban neighborhood, and then I began adventuring on. The first...
  3. Laundry
    LOL I was thinking I always find money on laundry days. Do you guys find money often too? It's never much, but I might start a new can for laundry findings. LOL Sara
1-3 of 3 Results