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  1. Question and Answer
    I need a file transfer program to fix some pages on my website. I had a program on this computer but when I got it with a trogan virus back in December, this computer went back to square one. I had to download several programs I use to get back what I had. Well now I need a program. What I...
  2. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Ok.....I really need to budget myself. I have the envelope system almost done. I want to use a "quicken" type program for my computer but don't want to spend $$$ on it. Can anyone recommend a program like "quicken" that is free?
  3. General Chat
    OK we have been following the Feingold Program since 2004! and I can cut corners in lots of area's but my food bill is huge because of this. I do make lots from scratch but working full time and being a single parent does put some constraints on my time so I am looking on ways to organize and...
  4. Health and beauty
    So I stepped on the scale for the first time since last fall. Ooops! I thought my jeans were getting tight, but no I never gain weight. Guess again. I'm looking for a good, sensible, at-home weight loss program. No special meals, no meetings, no supplements. I normally eat right, veggies...
  5. General Chat
    Hi all... I have decided that, in the new year, I'm going to be saving my pennies to buy myself a new Mac Book Pro. I see that the Apple Store has a program where they'll pay you money to send in your old PC or Mac and I was wondering if anyone had done it and if they could share what kind of...
  6. General Chat
    This could be useful for alot of people if there's a Target in their area when it comes to pass. Target Launches Electronics Trade-In Program
  7. Computers
    I know I will need to reload XP soon, due to the way my comp is acting. I'd like to know if anyone has a particular backup program they use and would recommend. If there's one you've used and DON'T like, let me know as well :comp: Thanks!
  8. Utilities
    I got a flyer in the mail from my electric company about a Wattsaver program they have. It sounds really neat. They will install a programmable thermostat in my house...then this is what the program does. (from the flyer) "On the hottest days from June through September, when energy use...
  9. Green Living
    My 3 year old is starting at a new daycare center next week, one that participates in the USDA school food program. Currently I pack his lunch since the daycare he has been attending does not have a lunch program. As part of my effort to make better dietary choices for our family, I decided to...
  10. Frugal Living
    Good morning everyone! I want to share this in case you can find one. I never would have found it if ds hadn't had to go past this little town. However when I did a web search I found it (once I knew and searched "food programs/coop), I'm hoping maybe a search might lead to some in others...
  11. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    This is from my Previous Bank of America post Today I talked with the Debt Program rep, she told me to pay Bank of America, and short my payment to them. Now what was to be my start was another DELAY !!! Now I have to call the CCS Monday and put this in order. I am very down tonight!! Like...
  12. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    The 28th ( August 2009 ) of this month I will make my first payment to my Debt Consolidation Program. I am have so much trouble getting motivated for the 5 Year journey in front of me !! There is no other way for me, the debts are in my Mother and Fathers name, 2 people with big hearts. They...
  13. Freebies
    If you are between 8 and 17 years old, the EAA Young Eagles programs wants to offer you the chance of a lifetime. Turn your dreams into reality on a free Young Eagles flight and become one of over 1 Million Young Eagles! Most Young Eagle flights last between 15 and 20 minutes. Once back on the...
  14. Computers
    I am looking for a database program for mac, I want to create my own database or program for storing information for a later business endeavour my husband and I want to go in to. I haven't found any free ones but anything similar to those for a PC would be great. Anyone know of a free one for MAC?
  15. General Chat
    This will be the third month we have gotten it. Mostly I find it VG. Except for the steaks, I love steak and I have to say they were very poor quality. I find it is a lot of food for 30.00 but I am thinking I might do better with just my coupons and sales. Any one have an opinion ?
  16. Freebies
    DH found it for DS5 before we went on Easter vacation. It's fantastic! Not only does it have Atari and NES, but it has Gameboy and Gamecube and every other console gaming system up through SNES. I believe you have to sign up for it (but that's to register) and...
  17. Freebies
    The Philadelphia Water Department is giving away rain barrels to people located within the watersheds of Philadelphia. In order to receive a rain barrel, it is mandatory to attend a rain barrel workshop to be educated on the installation and use of the rain barrel. There is a one-per-household...
  18. Utilities :( I'm sad because we really take advantage of this program. I wondered why my bill was so much higher in February and March... but next winter is going to be killer.
1-18 of 116 Results