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  1. Homesteading and gardening
    So I have been researching a lot of new things these past 2 weeks. Researching might be a bit mild of a word to use, obsessing over....that might just work. I have bipolar disorder and am in the mania....well hypomanic stage. I got like 10 projects going on in my head, the research some...
  2. Homesteading and gardening
    This is a thread idea, I started last year. I think it would be great to have another simliar one for the new year. So here I am making my list of goals for the 2012 year. Last year's thread.
  3. Home Decorating
    Does anyone have any new projects to share? I just picked these chairs up on Kijiji - 4 for $40. The seats were white and pretty grungy, and the finish was a fake wood colour that I hate, and a little banged up. I'm all about the blue & white these days :) so I stapled on some blue & white...
  4. Sewing
    My local thrift stores have an abundance of lace fabrics, tablecloths and hankerchiefs. Does anyone have any ideas on how to use lace fabric? I'd like to buy them if I had good ideas for projects! And I hate to see any kind of fabric go to waste! Thank you! Melissa
  5. Sewing
    ~I have three big projects on my list. Things that will take quite a bit of fabric and time. #1: Covers for custom cut foam cushions for a small RV, needed by July 7 Status: 13 yards of fabric ordered, delivered and ready to cut. I have to finalize my cutting layout before breaking out the...
  6. Home and family challenges
    Has anyone started this one yet? I'm talking about all those things on the to-do list for home improvement. We've been remodeling our kitchen and have the bulk of the work done now, but have to keep our focus so we can start working through the littler stuff now. We still have to: Add...
  7. Homesteading and gardening
    I am making a list of goals for this coming year and going to get some things conquered once and for all. I know how to do a lot of homestead type things. Some I do daily, some once in awhile, and some it's been years since I did. My plan is to practice and to get more things into my daily...
  8. Home Environment
    Have you ever attempted a renovation or redecorating project in your house only to have it go horribly, or hilariously wrong? What was your worst or funniest do-it-yourself experience?
  9. DIY
    so this is my first time posting on the DIY thread. I'm single (divorced) and I just bought a house last summer and I'm starting to do projects on my own which has been very liberating! I insulated my entire attic, did one hek of a job on my hedges as they were growing into the house. So...
  10. Home Environment
    Do you have a one-time job you should have done by now but just keep procrastinating? Or routine tasks that you find yourself putting off all the time? What are some of the projects that you keep avoiding? Maybe we can motivate each other to just get them done. I have a piece of baseboard...
  11. Sewing
    This week I've gathered some project links that are very timely for me, projects for babies and expectant mothers! Making your own maternity clothes and baby items can save a lot of money and keep you very busy during your nesting stage. And if you don't need any of these items yourself, know...
  12. Sewing
    I am looking for small projects that could be made with scrap fabric. These are for a person in a wheel chair so machine sewing would be difficult, but luckily she is a great hand stitcher! Any ideas would be helpful...thanks lots!
  13. Thanksgiving
    I'm not quite finished with everything that I have in mind, but here are pics of what I have so far:)
  14. General Chat
    I have added an album of my first projects. I would love to hear everyones opinions:)
  15. Sewing
    ~How many unfinished projects do you have right now? Probably more than you care to admit, right? Yeah, me too. As a group, let's focus on completing projects in August. Post your projects and progress to this thread. Pictures are very much appreciated but not required. Newbies are welcome in...
  16. Leisure challenges
    I have a REAL problem finishing projects.... I LOVE to start them, then they sit unfinished as I start new ones. Anyone else have this problem? I say we start a challenge for finishing Works In Progress. I have never run a challenge, so I wouldn't know where to start. Suggestions? :)
  17. Make It Yourself
    I thought this was the coolest site!! I haven't tried it yet, but I intend to, if I can find the right plastic. I can picture luggage tags, key chains, pendants....
  18. Home Environment
    Anyone have any weekend projects around the house? I've been conducting interviews after school each day (we have a few positions opening for next year, and as you can imagine, we've been flooded with resumes...cut school budgets result in many out of work teachers) and haven't had much time to...
  19. Needle Arts
    For me, it's only knitting. And I like to have the following categories/projects: One or two projects that are pretty easy -- a sock, for example, to work on while the kids' are doing schoolwork. I sit beside them and knit till they need help. At least two simple travel projects. These live...
  20. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Years ago when we refinanced we learned unfinished projects decrease the value of the house. The bank would have to PAY someing to come finish the work Our 3/4 finished basement lowered the value of the home more than if we just ripped it all out. So bring it back to now.. We are working hard...
1-20 of 151 Results