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  1. Weddings and bridal showers
    I may sound naive but what is the proper etiquette for a wedding? My hubby's cousin is getting married later this year and she is also having a bridal shower. Personally I have never been invitied to a bridal shower before and was somewhat considering going with my MIL and SIL's- for just a...
  2. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Dolphin~ Here is the info. Just be sure to send registered mail (costs a few bucks) so the bill collectors have to sign as proof they recieved your letter. If you want to stop the bill collector from calling your home, cell phone, references, neighbors, or other creditors, you must send the...
  3. Careers
    Learn the way to "properly" greet business associates from various countries.
  4. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    We do not allow Alex to call adults by their first names. Sometimes people will say , "Oh, that's ok she can call me Joe." When we tell them that we don't allow this, they look at us as though we have just sprouted a second head out of our necks. Michael and I feel it is important for children...
  5. Health and beauty This link lists great tips for doing proper crunches :) One of the main ones I didn't know most of my life, was to keep your lower abdominals pulled down to the floor while you do crunches. The other I didn't see on there, make sure you keep...
1-5 of 7 Results