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  1. Pets
    Well, I have decided something is bothering my cat. This is the first cat I ever had that behaved this way. She doesn't seem to like men. Period. She acts like she wants to get to know other new people but when they go to pet her she hisses. Yes, I do think she is also scared. So I tell...
  2. Family
    Yesterday we were already in bed and my daughter ran upstairs and announced that she had been on IM with her cousin (oldest son of DH's brother). She said that if you can guess the news then I will give you € 100 (about $130). Well we tried but we couldn't guess. Psycho is expecting her second...
  3. Leisure & Media Arts
  4. Pets
    Alice is the neice of Rosie, the dreamer. She's sitting like this because I have her ball in my hand and she's waiting like a psycho for me to throw it. She is absolutely obsessed with this ball. It's a Sesame Street one with Bert and Ernie on it and we have no idea where she got it. Her...
1-4 of 4 Results