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  1. Pets
    I'm quite stressed right now. Our puppy keeps running away. To give her more outdoor time in the summer, DH made a dog run...which she learned how to escape from every time. She uses things (including the dog run fence itself) to climb up and over the fence. It's very frustrating. Now our...
  2. Freebies
    (UPC: 40989) - Purina Pet Products didn't do this, please post if any problems, thanks
  3. Pets
    Did anyone else watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet? This is my 4th year to watch. They are sooooo cute. My favorite was Two-Face. I skip the cats.:yucky: Sorry kitty lovers. Cat
  4. Pets
    We have a 10 month old boy and we would love for him to have a puppy/small dog companion. Because Christmas is approaching it has come up. What age do you think is right for getting or introducing a pet to our family??:confused:
  5. Pets
    does anyone know what this is or what is happening? my 3rd dog is a rescue dog. mickey (male, approx. 3 yrs. old) shitzu/something mix. we have had him for about 3 or 4 months now. he was wandering the street and you could feel all the bones in his back when we got him. so we know that he...
  6. Pets
    Here is a scenario I created in March 2010. I was trying to visualize the first year's costs of getting a puppy. There are one time costs: There are recurring costs of various intervals/frequencies: These magically produce the following chart: If you know of someone considering getting a...
  7. General Chat
    We got a 5 week old puppy yesterday from DH friend. The mom stopped taking care of the pups at 3 weeks. The friend is moving and can't keep them so he has given them to good homes(I hope) well anyways my question is Miss Teenie STINKS!!! Can I bath her at all? Can I do anything to help with her...
  8. Freebies
    This offer is limited to U.S. residents 18 or older. Limit one per household. Offer good while supplies last.
  9. Pets
    Friday I go to give the pooches a bath, and notice that Bella has a large mat on her shoulder to under her ear! This dog has NEVER had a mat. And I couldn't work it out :( SO much to my dismay, we would have the shave her. So Saturday, I do the deed. Leave her legs long, and a full head and a...
  10. Pets
    Gizmo is such a little card. This morning while eating, she dropped a mouth full of food into her water dish. This became great fun, as she was bobbing for the food(which sits at the bottom of the dish). She was blowing bubbles in the water while grabbing the food! She is very funny. She went...
  11. Blog
    I woke up early this morning. It don't need an alarm clock since I have the puppy in a crate. He lets me know when I should get up and take him for a walk. After I walked him, I fed both dogs and took them out again in the rain. Then, I made the mistake of sitting down to drink some coffee...
  12. Calculations and Alternatives
    Pound puppy cost $75 includes-neutering, worming, shots, vet check up, microchip Purebred puppy cost-varies neutering-$135 Worming-$100, includes test for heart worms shots-$40 vet check up-$40 microchip-$75 total-$390 plus the cost of dog
  13. Pets
    Our new puppy gets horribly carsick. Today, during a twenty minute ride to the Vet, he vomited and defecated. It was so bad in his crate we had to give him a bath immediately after getting home. He had a similar problem on the trip when we got him but that was an hour and a half. Does anyone...
  14. General Chat
    new puppy we rescued http://DSC03021.JPG
  15. General Chat
    has an ear problem. I think its ear mites but not positive. I have been using the ear mite stuff on it though and it looks a little better. She keeps shaking her head so I know it has to be bothering her some. Any ideas on home remedies??? Debbie
  16. Pets
    The lady just sent me new pics of Gizmo. I emailed to see how she was doing, if potty training was progressing. Here is what she wrote: I laughed sooo hard. Because this is like Bella. We were camping and she got off the deck loose. Dh went after her, and Bella pranced, and I do mean that...
  17. Pets
    We went today to the dog pound and found a puppy to adopt. He had an expiration date that was almost up. This will be our first adoption so I hope things go well. I will pick him up tomorrow and bring him home. We found him in Louisville's dog shelter. I saw him on Our...
  18. Pets
    While we still miss our Cooper a lot and we could not replace him, we did add joy back into our family. Our DD is the "mom" to sophie. She is a three months old Maltise/Yorkie mix. She is absolutly a ball of energy and enjoyment. Tucker, our 7 month old chihuahua/dashaund mix loves her one...
  19. General Chat
    So we weren't going to get a new dog until our other one passed away (we were thinking quite a few years he is only 3yo), but yesterday morning my friend's dh was outside playing with their ds, they walked down to end of their lane and her dh heard a whimper...someone had left 2 little...
  20. Pets
    Last night our puppies (7 month old brothers) went outside with the hubs while he was getting some wood. While they were out the puppies must have started to play and chase each other around the yard. At some point they ran out to the road. Cooper was chasing Tucker back home when a minivan...
1-20 of 80 Results