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  1. General Chat
    Hi All, My first thread and am enjoying this recently found site. My question is about buying a car. I am a car aficionado and it's definitely one of those things that I am willing to spend money on (wisely). If I have zero debt (except a mortgage), have a 6 month emergency fund and am...
  2. General Chat
    What are some things that you look back on and really regret buying? Its been over a year and I still kick myself for this purchase. We were at a high end children's store when I saw a Beaba baby food freezer storage tray that went with the Beaba babycook that I had bought( which I love and...
  3. Frugal Living
    Does this ever happen to you? We got this weeks paycheck, and on top of debt reduction, we had a bit to spare. We decided to buy a new cookware set. Our old ones were on their last legs. They were random pieces made from hand-me downs and garage sale finds. They were in such bad condition, it...
  4. Green Living
    Do you purchase items second hand or used to be environmentally conscious and not necessarily for thrifty of money-saving reasons? I am noticing a shift in my thinking. For example, Ikea is pretty cheap and so far in my experience their items have had a fairly good quality. But the amount of...
  5. Kitchen Basics
    I have a set of T-fal which is ready to give up the ghost after close to 15 years. I did my research and anodized cookware appears to be a good investment. I bought a set of Calphalon from It was an excellent price. To this day I believe I got a bum set. EVERYTHING stuck in those...
  6. Frugal Living
    Okay, how frugal are you when it comes to purchasing fruits and veggies? Let's posts ways to do it here.
  7. Just Tips
    Okay for those who eat meat, how do you keep frugal.
  8. Frugal Living
    I actually saw this on a radio shack sign today on my way home from the doctor. I couldn't believe it! The first thing that went through my head was "success is not having to purchase on the installment plan, but just paying cash and owning it!" What is with our culture? The people that are...
  9. Computers
    We need to purchase a new computer soon and dh wants to purchase one for our family Christmas gift this year. I have a couple questions. ~What type computer would you suggest? ~what would you NOT do without on your computer ~do you have a printer and scanner for yours ~what price range would...
  10. Frugal Living
    Do you buy the cheaper ones at department stores so you can have more than a couple or do you go for the good quality ones and only have a couple. I try to buy the better quality ones, however the cost of a new bra is almost prohibitive if your looking a good quality.
  11. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I won $25 one time and thought I was in heaven. I don't normally purchase tickets, however my oldest dd wanted me to buy on. It only cost 25¢ for the ticket so was a nice surprise.
  12. Frugal Living
    Hi everyone~ I have 2 questions. Does anyone know of a reputable site that I can "purchase" coupons from. I know that you can't buy coupons, but you can pay someone for their clipping "work" also... are there any free sites that list available rebates and refunds from? I know that refundle...
  13. Frugal Living
    Do it before January 1, 2006. It was reported last night ANYTHING made with plastic for our homes will be going up in price drastically. In some areas there has already been a 10% increase, however the majority of items will be held at current price until Jan. (This is all due to the...
  14. Family
    I've gone through our fall/winter clothing and now know that we need to purchase a few clothing items. ~parka for dd ~long johns for the boys ~some warm socks for everyone ~a couple of sweat shirts for ds#2 I'm going to see what I can find at the thrift stores first, although the long johns...
  15. Secondhand Shopping
    I know many of you purchase used items online and get really good deals. I don't really know anyone that buys things off of ebay. I have bought textbooks that were used from online stores before, but more often than not, it was a mistake (prof. changed mind about text, purchased wrong version as...
  16. Needle Arts
    Do you buy the exact amount of yarn for each project or do you just pick up wool whenever? I was wondering because: I was in town yesterday and they have a FANTASTIC sale on yarn Red Heart Misty $1.50/ball.....and me with my can't pass a huge sale tendency....was thinking how many balls of...
  17. Hobbies
    I just found this website: Here is another one with consumer's guide to best sewing machines: Another sewing machine buying tips...
  18. Family
    Purchase them the exact size or one size larger. I always purchase one size larger because they tend to get more wear out of them. When it comes to shoes and boots, I do the exact same thing. How about you?
  19. Simple Living
    Thanks Kindred-Spirit for the link. The book is titled Exteme Simplicity:homesteading in the City by Christopher and Dolores Nyerges This couple are extreme survivalists and the books looks like a good one.
  20. Frugal Living
    Does anyone know of any websites where you can purchase coupons? The only one I know of is Thanks much! Christi
1-20 of 22 Results