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  1. Sewing
    Thought I would show my pocket purses. This is some of my recyced sewing..............Lori
  2. Sewing
    This is a tutorial for making 20 minute zippered coin purses.
  3. Sewing
    I've been a sewing/stitching fool this week. I've made 1 blue jeans purse, 1 t-shirt purse and I'm working on a khaki shorts purse. I have just the handle/strap to finish. I don't have a sewing machine so everything is by hand. Maybe Santa Claus with think I've been good and bring me a...
  4. Make It Yourself
    My dd made one last night out of a walmart fabric placemat and some coordinating ribbon. Basically you sew up the sides, add ribbon trim and handles. Really cute. You can get seasonal palacemats too, I thought that might be a cool idea, like an Easter print or st. I had made a tote bag style...
  5. General Chat
    Holy cow!!! I was just admiring my friend's new Coach purse the other day and I went online to see how much it set her back. $400.00!!!!! Oh my goodness.
  6. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    I recently purchased 3 purses from this seller and I love all of them. I'm getting my Christmas shopping done early. I think her prices are very reasonable for custom, handmade purses. The fabrics she uses is top quality and the bags are super sturdy. I just ordered 4 more from her today...
  7. Sewing
    Here are a couple of pics of some purses that I've made for Spring. I usually make the ones with the furry trim but just came up with the idea for the ribbon one.
  8. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Pepper's answer to another thread on purses got me thinking. How many purses do you own. I own one purse.
  9. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    How many purses do YOU have?
  10. Hobbies
    Anyone know where I can find free directions on the internet to make those. My DD wants me to make her one.
  11. General Chat Has anyone seen the kool-aid purses yet? I know I could probably make one cheaper than buying one, but noone here drinks kool-aid jammers. I think they are so cute. I am trying to find the one I want.:) It will...
  12. Hobbies
    Now you will know that I've lost what little mind I originally had. I've been saving our juice pouches and have made dd and myself each a purse with them. It was harder to do than I thought. It sewed together okay, but putting the bottom on was a pain and I did make the first set of handles...
  13. Needle Arts
    Has anyone tried knitting purses from fabric? I saw this on Carol Duvall's show and am looking for some fabric I like to try it. I also saw kits for these at Hobby Lobby. If anyone has tried it I would like to know how they turned out.
  14. Hobbies
    I think they're kinda cute :) Does it look like the kool aid pouches are just sewn together? It doesn't look thick enough to have any kind of liner...??
  15. Hobbies
    I got ahold of a bunch of cigar boxes and plan on making purses for gifts. Has anyone ever done this? I'm excited to get started. Now I just need to get the hardwear and a handle.
  16. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I don't carry a purse, but own only one cheapie. I use a carry bag for family outings though.
  17. Hobbies
    recycle jeans into purses Some are pocket, some are shorts, some are made from legs.
  18. Hobbies
    hardcover book purses and altered book art Ok, again..check this out. Retails for $150. I know any of us could make these. Basically, it's a hardcover book without the pages, some fabric attached on the sides and some handles.
  19. General Chat
    Do you carry an expensive purse that you keep forever, or a cheapie one that you replace whenever you get bored? I carry a Dooney and Burke. It is my fourth one. Each has lasted me about 3 years. The old ones are still in good shape, I was just ready for a change. The best thing about Dooneys...
1-19 of 20 Results