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  1. General Chat
    What is Aldi's quarter for the cart etiquette ? Okay we have figured out if someone says "I'll take your cart" that they give you a quarter. The kids hate this when it happens as they like locking the cart back and the quarter popping out. But they realize the nicety of the person offering and...
  2. Thrifty meals
    Make your own cool whip for less than a quarter!! Recipe Descriptionwe have been using this recipe for the longest time...and I never thought to post's so easy and one packet of gelatin will last you a couple of batches...I wasn't sure where to post it, it's super easy and...
  3. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions Holy Cow!!!
  4. News you can use
    Stocks zigzag higher on first day of 3rd quarter Stocks ended an erratic session with a modest gain as a mix of news made it clear the U.S. is still deep in economic trouble ...
  5. Quilting
    Our first activity for the new quilting club will be a Fat Quarter Train. If you'd like to hop on, please post here. I'll leave this open for one week - I'll close sign ups on July 4th. I will make a list of the participants and their addresses. I'll start the train with 5 Fat Quarters (or...
  6. Success Stories
    ~My plan for 2008 is to spend just 50% of our income on living expenses and use the rest for savings, paying off the rest of the car loan and home improvements. I came in almost $500 under budget for Jan-Mar! I'm shocked I did that well considering the increases in gas and food. I'm kinda...
  7. Success Stories
    For January, February and March here's what we spent. Budgeted Spent Mortgage: 1212/1212 Car Payment: 903/903 Electric: 255/173 Natural Gas: 255/402 Telephone, Cells, Internet 135/151 Gas/Cars: 300/235 Groceries: 675/574 Personal: 75/25 Home...
  8. Quilting
    We haven't had one of these in a very long time. Michelle has asked if I could start one, so here you are. You MUST belong to the quilting club to take part. Here are the rules for our fat quarter train. ~we will swap 3 fat quarters. ~one of those fat quarters MUST be an ugly fat...
  9. Quilting
  10. Quilting
    I did an ugly fq swap on another forum and as a thank you by the owner, she sent me 8 fat quarters and a fat quarter book. The book is titled Fat Quarter Quilts by Jeanne Stauffer & Sandra L. Hatch. What a wonderful book. If you have a chance to pick it up its well worth it. Out of...
  11. Quilting
    Ugly fat quarter train - PLEASE READ, IMPORTANT To the ladies who don't have their fat quarters yet, can you pm who you send them to. I've misplaced the list and a change has to be made. Can you do this ASAP. Thanks a bunch!!
  12. Quilting
    Please report in if you've gotten your fq from the ugly fq train. We need to keep track of where its been and when its on its way again. Thanks!! When you get your fq, could you please post and let us know.
  13. Quilting
    UGLY FAT QUARTER TRAIN - Quilting Club members only Time for a fun fat quarter train. This will involve only 2 fat quarters. Both will be the ugliest fat quarters you can find. When you receive yours in the mail, you will keep one and pass the other one on. It'll be fun to see...
  14. Quilting
    Hello everyone The Fat Quarter train pulled out of Fontana, Ca and is heading to parts unknow:toothy: Fern
  15. Quilting
    Could the person in charge of the fat quarter train please email me...My computer crashed so I lost everything. Fern [email protected] Thanks:bang:
  16. General Chat
    I will explain more later, but I am doing my senior research project which is a 20 page paper with my broad topic focussing on shopping, and the thrill or sometimes obsession with couponing and stockpiling. i have to do ethnographic research (surveys, interviews, etc with real people) as well as...
  17. Quilting
    Remember, I had joined a fat quarter club. Well the fat quarters came today and they are larger than the regular fat quarter. They are 21 x 23 (regular 18x22) and are the prettiest material I've seen in awhile. Michelle, there is some of the snow material you liked. Along with the fat...
  18. Quilting
    I found a website yesterday and joined last night. I can order them COD and the lady already sent me an e-mail saying that she is sending Dec's out on Monday. Woo hoo!!!
  19. Quilting
    Time for another fat quarter train sign up. Will go by the same rules as before and will have 5 fat quarters. I'll let you know exactly what were doing once everyone has signed up. Will have until the 14th of Sept. to sign up, then will get the train on the tracks and rolling down those...
1-20 of 36 Results