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  1. Quilting
    Connecting Threads is offering positions as Sample Sewers but only if you live in their specific area of Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Notions Scroll down the page for full information. They pay $12.00 an hour! Their main addy is :"
  2. Needle Arts
    I'm not at all fearless. I love the idea of challenging projects, but the reality is that my learn-new-stuff time is very limited. I really like the mindless routine projects that I can do while helping with homework or chatting with DH. Are YOU fearless?
  3. Quilting
    We have some new members, and I'd like to know how many are quilters.:) I think it would be fun to answer some get-to-know-you questions too: How long have you been quilting? What skill level do you consider yourself? What is your favorite type of quilting/design (applique, piecing...
  4. Christmas
    They consist of a cardboard tube covered with a piece of calico, the ends snipped with pinking shears and tied with cord/ribbon in a bow. They had a little Christmas seal in the middle for decoration. INSIDE were a couple of fat quarters rolled up, a small candy, a few "quilty" looking gummed...
  5. Quilting
    I was in Winnipeg yesterday and stopped at my favorite store. One of the ladies working in the store is a master quilter and a wonderful gifted teacher. She gave me some tips I want to share with you. using your iron - ALWAYS PRESS, not iron your material. She uses only a top of the line...
  6. Leisure & Media Arts
    Chiaverini continues to improve in her writing with each book she does. This is a wonderful book about friendship and what how friendship can be easily ruined by secrets and pride. Again this is one book I would highly recommend to anyone. One a scale of 1 - 10, I'd give it a 9.
  7. Quilting
    The Quilter's Alphabet Author Unknown Accuracy...mood dependent. Bleed...bless the fabric that doesn't. Credit card...purrs in a quilt shop. which points look good. Even...well, does it look even? Fudge...adjustment terminology. Golden...the moment it's finished! Hug...wrap up in...
  8. Quilting
    Recording information about each of the quilts you've made? Here is an example:
  9. Quilting
    You know you’re a quilter….. if you consider your job an interruption of your quilting time.
  10. Quilting
    Register at and surf sites to find "quilt blocks". This will enter you in drawings for lots of great prizes :) List of prizes...
  11. Quilting
    Great site! And for some reason CJ, I don't see your name on the list!!!:D
  12. Quilting
    Do you use regular pins or quilter pins? I needed (notice need) some more (where do they disappear to anyway?), was at Walmart and noticed all the different kinds. I ended up buying the Quilters pins that have the "knobby" on the end. They are more expensive but make pinning so much easier...
  13. General Chat
    In our quilting forum, we are having our first fat quarter train this fall. As a paid member, you can take part in these trains, have fun and get some wonderful surprises in the mail. We'd love to see you take part.
  14. Quilting
    Shes from the east coast of Canada. She is 79 years old and is called the quilting lady. She has 8 kids, 25 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. Just for them, she has made over 50 quilts. But her story goes further. Here is part of her story: - she makes all sizes of quilts - she...
  15. Quilting
    Now I don't normally purchase all the gadgets they have out for quilting, because usually they just cost $$ and you don't really need them to quilt and quilt well. BUT this is one item I'm looking at purchasing. This would really be a great item also for those who don't have lots of space or...
  16. Quilting
    What is the easiest pattern to begin with? DH bought me a beginners quilting book last Mother's Day, but I can't decide on a good easy pattern to start with.
  17. Quilting
    I have been trying to catch up with my quilting blocks so Delaney (my daughter who is five) is very interested in what I am doing. She loves hand sewing patches together to make her own little patchwork "quilts" for her dolls! Anyhow, I was talking to my Mom on the phone the other day and...
  18. Quilting
    ok here is the problem, as many of you know i quilt but have only tied them never quilted them. well last night i decided to do it. i drove my little machine all over the quilt, was haveing so much fun thinking this isn't so bad. then i turned it over, hmmmm what a mess, i had a clump of quilt...
1-18 of 19 Results