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  1. Quilting
    If a thread was already posted, I couldn't find it. Is any one doing any quilting? Found a 'boat load' of quilting mags at a T.S. last week.........bought three..........and now I have a couple that I just can't wait to start digging through my stash for the fabric!!! I would bet that most of...
  2. Question and Answer
    my mom made us quilts when we were younger and sometimes would use outgrown clothes (like my brother's super hero pjs with green lantern, superman, etc) as the squares. I would love to do a quilt for my ds. I was thinking of taking all of his shirts that he has worn since he started playing...
  3. Leisure challenges
    Starting up the thread for 2011. Post the projects you're working on each month and your progress. This year I'll probably stick to piecing a bunch of tops. I also have the parts to finish the Sampler quilt from last year, and am in a position to finish hand quilting a queen size quilt for...
  4. Quilting
    I am getting this up and going to announce that I am going to hand quilt my King Size Hawaiian quilt this year. The applique work is finally done. Need to baste together the back, batthing and front and I will be good to go. First though, I am going to finish the baby quilt before January...
  5. Quilting
    Just checked and our last post for the Quilting Club was in July!! and then along comes summer.... and no more Quilting Club!! Figured it was time to rev us up again for the rest of 2010!! As of tonight I am committed to finish the appliqueing my Hawaiian Quilt by the end of 2010!!....a very...
  6. Quilting
    What will you be working on this month? Don't forget pics!! It helps us all stay inspired.
  7. Quilting
    Another fresh month to get quilting!! Of the three baby quilts, one is completely finished and the tops to the other two are complete. Need to pick up some more batting to be able to finish them off. What are you quilting?
  8. Quilting
    Not sure how much I am going to do this month but I am still cutting out squares. How about you? I NEED pictures! :D
  9. Quilting
    Starting this one off too.............. Hey........did you see the quilt that I posted in the March forum? Have fun this month...........and don't forget pics!
  10. Quilting
    Just getting us started. DON'T FORGET TO TAKE AND POST PICTURES!!!
  11. Quilting
    I'm ready to get on with February!! I want and need to be working on my Hawaiian quilt - really want to get it appliqued by the end of this year!! What are you going to be working on?
  12. Quilting
    Starting us out........Happy New Year! Have fun quilting - don't forget pics!
  13. Quilting
    Getting it started for those that are looking.
  14. Quilting
    The Holiday Season is Coming Soon and for Quilters We Need to Get Ready!! Please join us this September to Share What You Are or Want to Quilt for the Holidays!! I have selfiishly chosen getting ready for the holidays as this month's quilting focus. My reasoning is that if I prepare earlier...
  15. Quilting
    Are You Ready? Here We GO!! Calling All Quilters!! Please join in our sharings, discussions, and pictures of quilts in the making, completed quilts or quilts from the past. There are a lot of quilters here at FV - and there will be many more as we share our enthusiasm and great ideas!! One...
  16. Secondhand Shopping
    Help! I am trying to price some of my quilting books for a yard sale. Some are current and some are older. I don't want to price too low but need to make some money badly. Some sold originally for $25 to $30. Of course I didn't pay that. They were gifts or were bought with 50% off coupons...
  17. Quilting
    Thought I would share this link. She offers free quilting patterns. Enjoy! :)
  18. Quilting
    I'm so hooked on fabric and quilt patterns! LOL. I'm not kidding! Although, I have only been quilting since 2002/2003 and only make 1 to 3 quilts a year, depending on their size. To me it's the most satisfying craft I've ever done. Every week or two I browse the library shelves to see what...
  19. Quilting
    I am not a good hand quilter at all! Suppose it's cause I need more practice, but I also have trouble finishing things I start, want instant gratification! I only really make small things so I was wondering about a small quilting machine. Is there such a thing? Also anyone have one? What...
  20. Quilting
    So many members are knitting right now, I'm wondering if anyone is quilting? I'm trying to get a number of baby quilt tops quilted. I haven't started any new projects when it comes to quilting, although I am tempted.
1-20 of 313 Results