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  1. Quilting
    I will often not use batting when I am making a rag quilt as they are too hot, especially if I am using flannel. When I do use batting I just sew an X across the I am usually in a hurry, as I am doing now. I have tied one and on a smaller one (lap size) put some buttons in the...
  2. Home Environment
    Okay, I know that some of you inventive & resourceful ladies here have made them & made them inexpensively. I would love to hear from you and how you went about doing it. I have a HUGE picture window in our den (60 inches high & 120 inches wide) and I desperately need something to hang in it...
  3. Quilting
    I am really drawn to Baltimore quilts and would like to attempt a small one soon. Has anyone ever made a Baltimore quilt? I'd love to hear about your experience and see your finished product I've also never appliqued and I'm thinking of starting with machine applique using fusible fabric. I...
  4. Quilting
    hi! I'm not a quilter (yet), but i wanted to try & make a rag quilt for my soon to be here DS#3. Yes i'll probably be googling this soon, but figured i'd ask here incase anyone had some super easy instructions or a link i can visit... you know, ask the people who know already. :) I haven't used...
  5. Quilting
    Quilt and bag for my parents These 2 were for my mom and my mil
  6. Quilting
    My blogging friend, Alycia, is a volunteer for Quilts of Valor In May she took a van ful of quilts to her local Army Rehab hospital. As she was leaving, the chaplin asked if she could possibly bring 100 the next time. However, she has decided to take on a challenge of...
  7. Quilting
    My MOMS group is donating several quilts at the end of this summer to Project Linus - I am in charge of making a quilt for a teeage boy. I am planning on making a circle denim quilt. What size did you make your circles? Also, Constance, you mentioned using iron on stabilizer on your squares...
  8. Quilting
    These sites show how to make quilts quick.,1789,HGTV_3299_1392387,00.html
  9. Quilting This file gives ideas on using yoyos for quilts, toys, etc.
  10. Quilting Here are some links to applique, how-to information, and free patterns available for download.
  11. Quilting Lots of scrap quilt patterns.
  12. Quilting
    I'm thinking about making myself some window quilts to block the draft a bit. Has anyone made or used them? Do you like them? Any good links?? I only have 6 windows to do, so it shouldn't be too bad.
  13. Quilting
    Has anyone made a crazy quilt? I have finished about 8 blocks in my crazy quilt. My blocks are each color themed (blue or pink etc) and has a lot of fancy embroidery stitches and other embellishments such as lace and buttons. This quilt really won't be to functional for use, probably more for...
  14. Quilting
    I've been donating quilts to Project Linus for over five years. The drop off point isn't real close to home, so I usually let them pile up and then donate a bunch at once -- usually once or twice a year. I'm not really a "joiner" so I like the idea that this is something I can work on alone...
  15. Quilting
    I saw somewhere here about window quilts but cant find it so here is my question in a new thread. Are the window quilts made so that you can raise them up to let in the sun. If they are not made this way how do you get them up to let the sun in? I was thinking of making these for my front...
  16. Quilting
    Have 3 quilts done and 2 more to finish. The pictures really dont show the quilts good because it clouded over just about the time we got them outside. so hope you can make out what they look like. here is the link
  17. Utilities
    I don't know if I should put plastic over my windows or try a window quilt. Which would work better? Would it be redundant to use both?
  18. Quilting
    although I have made several quilts over the years, I really need everyone's thoughts on this: I am planning on making a denim quilt-from left-over jeans scraps- (never made one from denim before) & I want to use flannel for the back. My question is...since the denim & flannel are thick anyway...
  19. Quilting
    Does anyone make art quilts here? Or design their own quilts? I've done some of this and am really enjoying it. Though I'm never quite sure where a project is going to end out or what it will look like!
  20. Quilting
    Just wondering does anyone here make them? I would like to give them a go, just start with something simple and basic to see how I go with hand-piecing. :)
1-20 of 104 Results