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  1. General Chat
    I notice the seed racks are starting to show up at the stores.Now I feel that Spring is on the way.Will soon be starting seeds and it always makes me feel better when I can nurture my seedlings".Come on Spring":cheergrl:
  2. Laundry
    I've spoken before about how I have a living room with a balcony and that's where I dry my clothes in the winter, now here's a pic so you can see what I mean. I have 3 racks, newest one is my fav (middle one) it's from my MIL's home and she gave it to me this year. It's a nice old wooden (boy...
  3. General Chat
    I read this in a Heloise book years ago. I have tried it and it really works. Put your racks in a LARGE garbage bag. Pour in one cup of ammonia. Leave it overnite somewhere it cannot be disturbed. The next morning all that baked on gunk will come right off. Oh, be sure to close the...
  4. Homesteading and gardening
    I don't have a dryer and haven't had one for years. I hang my clothes outside or use a clothes rack if its raining or its winter. Here is a little story about clothes racks thought you would enjoy. (This was written in April 2002) Clothes racks are strange things don't you think? Having...
  5. Home Environment
    Do you have an easy way to clean oven racks? I have a new oven, and already the racks look like they've been run thru the mill :eek: I can't stand the smell and fumes from oven cleaner, and an SOS pad doesn't do a good enough job for me. Thanks for your help!! Laura
1-5 of 5 Results