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  1. Needle Arts
    So how do you make these? Anyone have a favorite pattern link or simple instructions you'd care to share? What do you use? Old clothes strips or fabric strips? Any other advice for me? I am thinking I'd like to make the rectangular type, not round.
  2. Quilting
    I will often not use batting when I am making a rag quilt as they are too hot, especially if I am using flannel. When I do use batting I just sew an X across the I am usually in a hurry, as I am doing now. I have tied one and on a smaller one (lap size) put some buttons in the...
  3. Needle Arts
    I am still working on the "shabby chic" rug but I ran out of material for now. So in the meantime I made this rug for my sons room. It is red,blue,white and yellow. it came out really cute :) His bedspread is spiderman and the background of the bedspread is blue so I set the rug right beside the...
  4. Needle Arts
    I have only done chain stitches and single crochet in my life and Im not very good at it but I am crocheting a rag rug from different cloth strips. Its not perfect by a long shot but I am going to keep plugging away and I wanted to poast on here so that I keep on track and dont give up ;) thanks! :)
  5. Needle Arts
    Anyone ever made these?? I was thinking about trying it, but haven't found real good instructions for it.. Thank you!!
  6. Hobbies
    is their such thing? iv'e been searchign to see if theirs any in google images and havent seen any in rags. Just wondering if it would look stupid making one out of a coat hanger ?
  7. Hobbies
    This is my first try so let me know what u think and and if Im suppose to burn the threads off to clean them up or leave as is.
  8. Quilting
    hi! I'm not a quilter (yet), but i wanted to try & make a rag quilt for my soon to be here DS#3. Yes i'll probably be googling this soon, but figured i'd ask here incase anyone had some super easy instructions or a link i can visit... you know, ask the people who know already. :) I haven't used...
  9. Home Decorating
    I decided to do a tutorial on my blogs about rag garlands. I pretty much make mine the same way but I use cheap twin and tie my own loops. Saves money because its more of a make do that way. Feel free to check it out
  10. Quilting
    This tutorial is for a rag quilt that has batting. It's a great tutorial for beginners as well. Enjoy, Sondra
  11. Needle Arts I love this floor mat but don't really know enough about knitting to do a project like this. When I was a kid I used to knit headbands. That's the extent of my knitting abilities.
  12. Needle Arts
  13. Quilting
    I am a beginning sewer/quilter and would love to make a rag quilt for my daughter. The size I would like to make is a 54x99 cot/couch quilt. I would like to use the 4 patch design using 6" Blocks. Could someone check my math that means a total of 208 squares and if I am wrong could you explain...
  14. Quilting
    Just wondering if anyone here makes rag quilts. I think they look comfy and cozy. I was checking some out on ebay. I was also wondering if anyone has one and how they wear.
  15. Quilting
    I haven't been fond of rag quilts until lately. Some of the designs are incredible. They are making scene rag quilts, rag quilt with spruce trees, rag quilts from different types of material - its awesome. One day I just might make one.
  16. Education This DOES include homeschoolers.
  17. Sewing
  18. Candlemaking
  19. Needle Arts I wonder if I could use old T-shirts for this? Hmmmmm. . ..
  20. Quilting
     I love the looks of these.  I found this on the JoAnn's website.  I plan to make a few for Christmas this year. ----------------------------------------------- <B>Ragged Homespun<SUP><SMALL>®</SMALL></SUP> Quilt</B> <P align=justify><IMG height=197 alt="" hspace=10...
1-20 of 28 Results