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  1. Pets
    DH and I have decided we need to program our thermostat to cut back a little during the day (when we're not home) to save on energy costs. Currently, it's set on 74 degrees, constantly. We live in SC, so it's upwards of 102 degrees, outside, right now. I'm a little worried about a change in...
  2. Family So I put my 2nd grader in public school last week. It was the right time. I won't get into it right now. Her bus stop is visible from my window. My house sits on a corner facing away from the intersection that this bus sits on. As soon as I found out where...
  3. Appliances
    remember my posts that all the appliances in the house died after 15 years? well the range/oven (cooker for europeans) died yesterday. i had been smellling gas. the man from the natural gas company came out and condemned my range. Big red sticker on it that says do not use. the gas pipes in...
  4. News you can use
    Home sellers offer a range of incentives When it comes to incentives for buyers, don't be impressed with a mere TV. Get cold, hard cash, says the Real Estate Adviser.
  5. Kitchen Basics
    I've been shopping for a new freestanding electric range... anyone have one of those convection ovens? Home depot has one for about 700......... are they good/ worth it? Supposed to cook in less time, brown more even and keep food moister. ?
  6. News you can use
    A dual-oven range could be your Super Bowl (party) MVP As we noted in our February 2008 report on ranges, in 1999 the Maytag Gemini became the first range to feature a dual oven. GE has now adopted the technology, offering it on two of its newest Profile series electric smoothtop ranges, the...
  7. News you can use
    Microwave vs. Range Cooking: The juicy details Microwave makers are increasingly hawking features like convection cooking, sensor settings, and auto-cook, which are designed to produce tastier food faster. Can a pricey, full-featured microwave oven serve up a roast chicken that's as crispy and...
  8. Third Agers
    I turned 60 the end of March and am wondering if there are any others here in that Senior range. Hate to admit that I am getting that old. The one nice thing is I don't look anywhere near my age so tend to shock people when they find out. Jo Send a greeting today!
1-8 of 8 Results